Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brisk Morning Ride

Ambient air temperature: 32 degrees

Highway speed: 80 MPH

Wind chill: 11 degrees

Look on the faces of folks in their cages: Priceless

Why would reasonably sane people strap themselves on a motorcycle at 7:15 on a Saturday morning when it is 32 degrees outside and ride 130 miles south into even colder temperatures? Because this is Arizona and we have year round riding weather. Oh, and the Pima Air Museum down Tucson way.

Concessions I make for this type of weather? Well, cheap rubber gloves from Walmart, .97/5 pair painting department, as glove liners to stop the cold, sweatshirt under the leather jacket, thermal long underwear under the chaps, and a full coverage helmet. None of that fancy heated stuff here. Ever been in the middle of nowhere and lost all electrical power? I have, don’t even start…………. it wasn’t Petunia, and I won’t put anything that isn’t necessary to be seen into my electrical system. Well, I do make an exception for the radio sometimes, but it is off more than on.

The group for this ride consisted of nine folks from American Legion Post 29 of Glendale, Arizona, two others from Phoenix Area Cycle Riders, and two others. A total of 12 bikes looking for a good day of riding and a little history from our past. If you have seen any old war movies you have seen many of these planes. The museum is staffed by retired and/or discharged military personnel and they have a wealth of information to share about the planes.

Look close and you can see where the gunner sat.

Great old war bird.

The real adventure of the day was when a moron, just into Tucson city limits, decided that he needed to cross over to the high speed lane. Put on a blinker, looked in his rearview to see a line of motorcycles, looked straight ahead for about an eigth of a mile, and proceeded to turn left right through that line of bikes at 80 miles an hour. Makes you wonder what would have happened if the folks riding weren't planning on him being that stupid. Can't you just hear him, "Yep officer I never saw all them there biker dudes until that there one fella done gone and ran right into the side of me. Ya know them damn fools think they own this here highway. Wadda ya mean I'm gettin a ticket!!"

The cold weather made this ride seem like more work than it should have been. I left my house at 7AM and got back at 5:15PM. For me riding in the cold is worse than riding when it is 11o degrees. But, I'm really glad I went. Meeting and talking to some of the Veterans that helped to make this country great was more than worth the effort.

12 bikes rolling down the highway in formation, brisk weather, plenty to talk about at the pit stops, reliving the history of military aviation made for a perfect Saturday.

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  1. Dang! That had to be a cold ride, but it looks like you had fun. I love the pics of the old planes.