Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A place to keep track of my adventures

Well, I thought I needed a blog. Why the hell does a 54 year old man need a blog you might wonder. The same reason everyone else does. Because it's there and I just might have something worth talking about and I need practice in my typing skills. The truth is, I decided this would be a good way to chronicle my exploits on my Harley.

Yep, Harley. Wanted one when I was seventeen, but got a Honda 175 instead. Pappy finally gave in because the son of his boss was selling it. Got off to a great start too, when I rear ended a car at the first stoplight I was supposed to stop at. A wild eyed kid on a motorcycle for the first time, the wind in his eyes, Dad and sister following in the car, mister Big Shot himself, and BAM!!! It was a good thing that car was stopped for the light or I might have gone right through the intersection and my riding would have ended before it started. Pappy roared around me after I finally got it going again and made my first left hand turn and shouted out the window, "I'll see you at home if you make it that far." I did and here we are today.

Over the years I've had five Hondas from the 175 up to an Aspencade, a Suzuki, and now the Harley. The Aspencade at a time had a two passenger sidecar and trailer. The whole family, dad, mom, and both daughters went on trips on the motorcycle. The worst part of that was it took an hour to get gas because of the crowds that came to see how four people could possibly ride one motorcycle.

Finally, last February I spent my money on what I had really wanted for 36 years. Some folks don't believe that I am a man of patience, but I think waiting 36 years for something proves it. So now I am the proud owner of a 2003 100 Year Anniversary FLHTCI. My Electra Glide was purchased after searching for two months, riding sixteen different Harleys, and knowing I would find a bike that spoke to me. Finally I found it on Craig's List and scheduled a time to go the 60 miles to look at it. Can you believe that the day I was going to go it rained for the first time in 119 days in Phoenix? Not a sprinkle, a full out rain storm that lasted two days. I had to wait four days to go look at it and called to see if it was still available. It was and when I saw it I was shocked it was still there. A 70 year old guy had bought it in Minnesota new, added spoke wheels, wide white wall tires, and about $3,000 of other accessories. He trucked it to Arizona and took it out two times, in Apache Junction, and had to go into full lock up both times because of Snowbirds turning in front of him. He said he couldn't get back on it. When I say this bike was perfect it isn't just talk. It only had 3,987 miles on it and the tires still had the factory tits on the edges. Now ten months later it sits with 20,000 miles, ten new states it hadn't seen, a few more needed options like cruise control and highway pegs, and a great big book of maps of highways it hasn't seen yet.

Yep, I think I need this blog to help Petunia, I call her that because she's a Hog, tell the story of searching for the best, most fun highways that we can. That is my aim. I guess I might have to write about other things like the greatest grandbabies in the world, but mostly this will be about the adventures of an old guy, a hog, and miles that haven't been ridden yet. Wave if you see me out on the highway.


  1. The bike is awesome and I look forward to your future blogs about your riding adventures.

  2. On slow riding months, if their is ever such a thing, you should tell of other bike riding adventures. Say, bungiee cording your kid to the bike and driving to California. I love that one!