Friday, December 28, 2007

Recommendation for repairs

I need to tell this story about tires. My last set came from the dealer and cost almost six hundred dollars. I was in a jamb, with a flat, and didn’t have a chance to shop around. This time I knew the rear was getting close and so I shopped. I bought a Metzler on line for $130 that included shipping. I heard that Bikers Bay would install a tire that you brought in without any problem. So, I strapped the tire to Petunia, went to Gilbert to visit Pappy, and then showed up at Bikers Bay twenty minutes after they opened on a Thursday morning. The customer service I got from these guys was just like the old days. They actually appeared to appreciate the opportunity to install my tire. The cost to remove, mount, balance, and reinstall the tire was only forty dollars and I was on my way in just under two hours. Try getting that kind of service at a dealership. I highly recommend Bikers Bay. I am currently on a Maintenance Contract with a dealer and every time they tune Petunia up they find additional things to fix. I will take her to Bikers Bay for a second opinion from now on and if really needed they will fix her for me. Over to the left is a link to their web site.

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