Saturday, January 5, 2008

Confessions of a Cheater

This is supposed to be a motorcycle blog, but I confess that I drove my truck to San Diego this week. Yes, at times I drive a cage. You see my dearest friend, Nancy, gave me the best Christmas gift ever. Three days and two nights on Crystal Pier at Pacific Beach. Nancy chooses not ride Petunia with me even though she encourages me to ride. She made an effort in the past to embrace my love for motorcycles, but it just doesn't speak to her in the way it does me. The greatest part of this relationship is that we are free to be who we are and still love each other.

Crystal Pier is a hotel that is really cabins that sit out over the ocean. We were in Cabin B, a studio unit with a 160 degree panoramic view of the pier and ocean. The north walls are primarily windows and arcadia doors that allow an unobstructed view. To spend three days walking the beach in Janurary was a first for me. It was warmer there than in Phoenix during the day and the nights were pleasant. The weather report called for rain on Thursday, but unfortunately it was only overcast. We had looked forward to seeing the storm come in. We settled for perfect weather and this sunset.

On Friday morning we walked down to the Kona Restaurant for coffee and breakfast. We decided to take it back to the cabin and enjoy it on the deck. When we were almost done Nancy got up to take a few pictures and I decided to film the waves crashing under the pier. A cute little fella, kind of like this one, took it upon himself to take that opportunity to eat a half a plate of eggs. I heard Nancy say something and when I turned around she was laughing and asked, "How much of these eggs were left?" The only thing left at that point were the beak marks in the paper plate. So, I didn't follow the posted rules about not feeding the birds, but I didn't feed the dog.

Yes, I am more than just a Harley rider. I have other interests and Nancy is someone I love more than Petunia. I am fortunate to have a dear, special friend like Nancy in my life. Her thoughtful Christmas gift took me by total surprise and I didn't know what to say at the time. But, it was a great trip and it was hard to leave and come home. Those three days were perfect and made these two weeks of break seem like a much longer vacation. I need to say it again, "Nancy, thank you for the best Christmas present I ever recieved! You are the best and I love you."


  1. You are too sweet for words. Thank you for taking this trip with me and being my dearest friend!

  2. Way cool! Glad you had a good time.