Monday, January 14, 2008

Piggy Comes Home

This is Piggy coming home last Friday. She was well boxed and all the parts were with her. That is the axle up on top. Picking her up at FedEx saved $60 and a day of not missing school. Seemed a waste to take a day off to sit and wait for a five minute off load. So, I saved my day for something more important like registration. But, I might be able to register her at a third party DMV station and miss all the waiting that happens at the DMV main offices. As I recall it is an extra twenty bucks or so, in and out, no fuss. Just if they can inspect a new trailer.

This is Piggy out of the box waiting to be put together

This is Piggy, starting her life, Saturday morning at 4:45. I wanted to be able to get the car in the garage and with her spread out it wasn't possible.

These are the first pictures of Piggy taken Saturday. She really isn't together, the box is just sitting because it needs to come off for wiring. Notice how plain the tail view looks. I'm waiting for Harley turn singnals and a LED third brake light to make her more visible.

Here is Piggy Monday afternoon with her new, updated, visible rear end. I'm guessing there won't be a problem seeing her when those eleven LEDs light up. All she needs now is to be wired up and connected to Petunia. That won't be until the Hoppy Electrical Converter comes. This was an Amazon dot com special that saved me $25 over picking it up here in town. Because I'm not in a big hurry saving a bit of money is a good thing. So far the only things I've bought locally have been nuts, bolts, washers, and flexible conduit.

Now it is wait until the three day weekend to finish up. I will wire her for sure, but if the Hoppy doesn't come I won't connect her to Petunia. Because I've pulled a trailer before I think I know what to expect when I tug her for the first time. It will still be fun and I'm sure a run out the freeway to Gilbert will be in order. Then I'll need to dream up an excuse to take her out somewhere and really try her out.

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