Thursday, January 10, 2008

To Trailer or Not

Trailers. Should a guy pull one or not? What’s wrong with just stacking stuff on your bike and strapping it down like in the old days? That was the dilemma I was having as I was debating the trailer issue.

First off, I was a trailer guy back in 1983. Yep, back when there were very few trailer guys and people made fun of us. But, with that sidecar and taking four people on a motorcycle trip I had to have the extra room. That and it was way cool to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

But, now with me riding Petunia solo is there a need to add a tail to my ride? I have debated that question for the last six months and my answer is YES, I need a trailer behind Petunia. Whew!!! I’m glad to be past that part of the problem, but now a bigger issue. What trailer do I get? The price range of trailers is staggering. From around $350, for a home made job, to $5,000 for a fancy color matched sleek looking rig, the selection is overwhelming. So, even though I made the decision to get a trailer now I have to go back and decide if I am getting it for function or to impress the cages I pass on the highway.

The decision, for me, is strictly to impress. Nay, just kidding. Function wins out for me. If I can accomplish my goals for $1,000 I’m not going to add $4,000 more because someone might say, “Wow Martha, would look at that thing.” Nope, I’ll use that $4,000 to buy gas and tires to roll down a back road highway somewhere.

So, I ordered a Piggy Backer trailer,, and it should be here in three or four days. This trailer appears to be able to do all I want a trailer to do and it is affordable and has chrome wheels. Remember Petunia loves chrome. I know I am going to make a couple of modifications to it. First is for safety and I will add LED tail lights and a LED third brake light. A bike can never be too bright in the rear. Also, I ordered a pair of Harley turn signals to add because I wanted to continue with the five wire system the Harley currently uses in the electrical system.

I’ll keep updating the progress of the trailer put together and modifications. Most importantly, I’ll report from the road as I tug my tail down the highway.

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  1. I checked out the link and it looks cool.