Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tortilla Flats

Saturday was a perfect riding day. The weather was a bit cool, but the sun was shining and there must have been several hundred bikes out during the day. The destination was Tortill Flats out on the Superstition Highway. You go out US 60 to Idaho Road, turn left for about six miles, turn right and enjoy the curves of the road for the next sixteen miles. At Tortilla Flats you will find a Saloon and Restaurant that has great food. Of course there is adult beverage of your choice if you choose. You may or may not want to sit at the bar. At the bar you will be required to Cowboy Up and sling a leg over the horn of a saddle and enjoy a cool one while pretending you are on a cattle drive.

One of the riders, Kristen, showed up on this bike. It is a Ridley. A 700cc sweet looking ride. Nice looking paint and of course I love the spoke wheels and wide white walls, but the reason for mentioning the Ridle is because it is an automatic. No clutch, no shift, no selector lever, just start and accelerate. Kristen said she never feels it shift that it just goes. In the group it just went 80 mph just like all the other motorcycles. So, if you or your lady friend wants to ride, but all the shifting is a problem you might look Ridley up and go look at them. By the way, it is an American made scooter made in Oklahoma.

Kristen, did I mention the girl could sing? The Tortilla Flats band was playing on the patio and announced they had a guest that wanted to sing a song with them and invited her up to the stage. It was a surprise when Kristen walked up. Not only could she sing, but she was great! They even had her do a second song and it was better than the first. Kinda like a bike on a cold morning........gotta get those pipes warmed up.

This is what Canyon Lake looks like today. It is just about dried up and isn't accessible to boats. It has been drained to allow for maintenance on the dam. With any luck Arizona will get some more snow this year and it will be back to full in a couple of months. Even with the lake this low the restaurant at the marina is open and serving. The scenery and ride alone make this a worth while trip. There are other options for your dining pleasure out in this area as well. A ride almost always makes a guy hungry and there are plenty of places to make you feel like you are out in the old west.

Saturday morning, glorious weather, Petunia in the garage..........on the other hand laundry, cleaning, yard work. Just what the hell is a guy supposed to do? Does anyone know a good cleaning lady?

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