Monday, February 18, 2008

Learning to Post a Video

Todays ride was to Union Hills and 83rd Avenue, north to Carefree Highway, a short jog to the left onto New River Road. This is a great way to reach Interstate 17 North and miss all the traffic through Anthem. My purpose in todays ride was to have breakfast at Bylers Amish Kitchen in Black Canyon City and to make a video to put on my blog.

This is my first attempt at making a video. I am heading north on New River Road toward I 17. Making the video was simple enough, I just pulled off the road, took off my gloves, pushed a button, put my gloves back on, and rode off. Watching the video I noticed the camera picked up the radio as well as the wind as it came around the windshield. I might need to move the mount to the other side which would mean loosing the cup holder. Also, because I am running a smoked screen the picture is darker than it really was today. You can also see the reflection of the fuel cover in the screen. Because of that I might need to go back to my clear windshield for my trip.

This second video is going south down Yarnell Hill, also known as Arizona 89. This is a road that gets a ton of motorcycle action every weekend. The sport bike riders race up and down it like crazy and many of them have less skill than brains. No, I'm not saying they are smart. The sheriff's office spends quality time writing tickets and reports after they fall off and skin themselves up.

It was a 250 mile day today. The weather was very pleasant, if a bit overcast. Just outside of Prescott the ground was snow covered and the Watch for Ice signs were open alerting would be speed demons to be careful. I took video of that part of the ride, but it was too long for U Tube and I couldn't post it. All in all it was a great day and I learned some about making and posting videos. Every day we learn something new is a good day.


  1. Wow, dear! Your videos are really cool. I got a little worried and anxious watching them, so they must be just like the real thing! I'm proud of your skills in posting them. Good for you, dear!!

  2. You're not anonymous, your Beautiful Dear. Would it surprise you to know I never went over 35 MPH on Yarnell Hill? With the threat of ice I didn't want a crash video as my first. I promise I only want people to see the beauty of the trip and not how stupid I can get. I've outgrown being stupid. That is a promise!!

  3. good idea for the vids. I like the sound of your bike too.