Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Toy for my Blog

Here is the first attempt to put a Google Map into my blog. I am in the serious planning stage of my Spring Break ride to Seattle and weather is playing a more important part than I thought it would. Subfreezing temperatures and the very real possibility of snow has caused me to change my route. I will now spend some quality time exploring the scenic roads of California as I make my way toward Seattle.

This is the day one route that I will take on Sunday, March 9. It covers 696 miles and should be easy to cover without riding for eighteen hours. I plan on not riding more than twelve hour days or more than 700 miles. As my plans are today this is the longest day I have planned. But, I still have the final 2 - 3 days to plan.

The purpose of inserting the map is to add the feel of the ride to those who see this blog. Just reading and seeing pictures is great fun, but being able to look at the route adds to the experience. Plus, with the Google Map, the viewer is in control of how involved they want to be. It allows a person to get up close and personal with the route I have chosen and get into it and see if they would make changes if they went in this direction. Everyone has their own theories about what makes a great ride and I hope this adds to that.

So, this is my Day 1 plan. It will show up again when it is in real time. Today was just a test to learn how things work and I must say it really was easy. I will continue to play with it, as I know there are more things to discover. Who knows the maps might even become more interesting.

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