Friday, March 7, 2008

Final Preparations

The excitement builds as departure time approaches. I have checked, rechecked, and triple checked. My conclusion is that the only guarantee is I will be leaving and heading west, prior to going north. I really want to go to Seattle, but I don't want to box myself into riding on the Interstate. As I added to my profile it is now time to take the roads less traveled, slow down, and see what I have missed in the haste of my youth.

The 2008 HOG Touring Handbook is filled with scenic two lanes that seem to be calling me. I think of my favorite Arizona roads and how riding them never gets old. To bypass that in California and into Oregon seems wrong just to say I rode to Seattle. All of my prior jaunts into California have been with an agenda and time limit. Interstate riding was demanded with that kind of schedule. While this ride does have a time limit that doesn't really require an agenda.

So, Saturday will be spent doing the house work that I need to get done, giving Petunia a bath, and waiting. Waiting for Sunday morning to arrive, so that I can leave on what should be a great adventure. An adventure where I remember to use the camera, not just take it. Where I slow down and look for a place to stop and enjoy the beauty of the ride. One where I can really learn it isn't about the number of miles, but the quality of those miles. Maybe, this is where I grow up.

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