Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Day 6

Going for a ride is always a great thing, but getting home is even better. You have the joy of the memories from the ride and arrive home safely. What a great feeling!

But, I get ahead myself telling the story. The last day of my Spring Break ride and I woke up to 20 mph winds. I packed up the room, showered, and carried my things to load Piggy. I noticed the American Flag I fly off my luggage rack was missing. I was ticked to say the least! Then I started looking around and it was laying on the ground, just under the car parked next to Petunia. I picked it up and thought it had been broken off, so I put into the Tour Pack, cursed a couple more times, and headed out. If not for the wind it would have been great riding. I'm learning that I don't like to ride in the wind. Especially when it 20 mph or higher. This is when I remembered last year, when I heading to San Francisco at Spring Break. Around Modesto the wind was blowing in gusts to 50 mph and gaining strength. The attendent at the gas station said it was getting really bad up the road. GETTING really bad? I turned around and came home that time. At least now I was heading home and stopping didn't appeal to me.

At a rest stop I took out my flag and looked at it. It hadn't been broken off after all. Almost worse, it had been unscrewed and thrown on the ground. Unscrewed about 3/4 of an inch. Since I check it regularly and it hasn't loosened its self in the nearly 6,000 miles its been on, it couldn't have just fallen off. But, I guess the idiot could have taken it and not thrown it on the ground.

I argued with myself about the route I was going to take home. Take California 95 out of Needles to I10 to Phoenix, or Arizona 95 to Lake Havasu and back roads to Wickenburg. I chose to ride in Arizona and it turned out to be the right decision because the winds died down to almost nothing. It was warm in Arizona and the sun felt great. As a matter of fact it was warm enough that I switched to my half helmet. Normally I use a full face helmet on the highway, but on the back roads at a slower speed I felt comfortable with the half.

Other than the wind my only problem today was not stopping to take pictures. I made sure to capture the sunrise, but after that it was just riding. I left Mojave around 6:15 and arrived home at 3:30. The ride was over, but Spring Break still had a week left. This year appears to the last for two weeks off in the fall and spring. I will miss being able to ride for a week and spending a week with Nancy also.

Some facts and figures from my ride;

Gas stops 18

Gallons used 78.53

Total miles 2640

Average miles per gallon 33.6

Pulling Petunia was a breeze and having the ability to camp is what I was looking for. Not taking into consideration that the weather would be too cold this time of the year was just me being me. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, but a nice warm room after the freezing days in the saddle was just the ticket. Summer is coming and camping will be better. That is if the mosquitos leave me alone. But, I hear that Listerene mouthwash in a spray bottle will keep them away. We will see.

Todays route

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