Thursday, April 17, 2008

Completely Wireless

After the Spring Break ride and the problems with not being able to connect to the Internet and therefore not being able to post to my blog, I decided to do something about it. I did some checking and found AT&T, my cell provider, had wireless Internet that covers almost the entire US. For only fourteen dollars more that I was paying for cable high speed. So, I got this little jewel.

Just plug it in, click on a desktop icon, and I'm connected. It is just a tad slower than cable, but I'm not locked to the back bedroom any longer. It also works better at school than at home. I still need to take it on the road and give it a try. While I was upgrading I got a new HP dv9700T 17" laptop with Vista.

It is a bit different than windows XP, but they are phasing XP out. The big difference I see is the security advances that require an acknowledgment that you really want to preform a task. Not really that big a deal for me. The bloat ware that came on it was time consuming to remove and no instruction manuals, for anything, are my only complaints. I ordered it with a fingerprint reader for signing in to the computer and all of my accounts. That is a sweet option and worth the cost of the computer.


  1. Just a note. I find the prompting in Vista that a task requires administrative privledges annoying. You can disable this feature if you also find it annoying (it's called UAC). Here's a link to assist:

  2. Thanks for the tip Allen. I've bookmarked the page and will check it out.