Friday, May 9, 2008


Spring has sprung and the students can feel summer vacation. Wait.......I can feel summer vacation. Testing is over, it was a four day week, only 19 more school days, warm afternoons, and the teacher and students have things other than education on their minds.

In the heat of battle today I remembered a little trip I took January 2-4. I watched this video, again, and it reminded me of a more peaceful place and all my cares went away.

That reflection of a great trip from a few months past got me to thinking ahead a month. I am riding to Alaska. It will be written in stone that I ride all the way to Anchorage. The only thing up in the air for me is if I go to Sturgis on the way there or on the way back. My son-in-law, Jim, asked me when I would know which way I was going and I had to tell him about eight hours after I leave. I really don't know right now what option is the best. So, at that fork in the road I will choose the direction that seems right for me.

I did find it odd that by traveling to Sturgis first it only adds about 560 mile to the trip, when compared to going straight to Anchorage. But, than I thought about me not making destinations I set out to make and think I should go to Alaska first. Just in case. So, there will be planning and checking this weekend. Hopefully a bit of riding, as well as scheduling a major tune up for next week and possibly ordering a new set of tires.

Aaaahh.....the week is over and I am going to dinner and have an adult beverage. Life just can't get much sweeter.

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