Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Today is my grand baby's birthday! Happy Birthday Keegan as you turn 1!!!!! Her smile is really pretty, but it was her party and she didn't have to smile. In fact she had to nap during the festivities to be ready for the cupcake adventure.

No school for me today as it is mid-quarter break, so I took a ride out to Bartlett Lake. It was a great day for a ride with sunshine, 80 degrees, light traffic, and just a little wind.

This was my first trip to Bartlett since January and the water level was surprising. With all the rain and snow we have had in Arizona this year the level has risen to a level it hasn't been in a long time. I know the boaters are happy about that.

A couple of interesting things happened on the way there. First, rounding a curve, a family of four were standing in the middle of the road. As I slowed and approached they walked around and went to the edge. Nothing special there, but then I saw it. They were circling a rattlesnake and teasing it. Morons don't just drive they stop and teach their kids to be morons also. A funny sight was the rabbit that was sitting with a ground squirrel. I've never seen two such diverse creatures hanging out together.

That pretty much covers my Cinco de Mayo. Keegan turned 1 and I got in a nice 180 mile motorcycle ride. Life is sweet!!!!

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