Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alaska Ride Wrap Up


9,483 total miles
64 gas stops
148 mile average per stop
$1,065.59 spent on gas
$17.19 average cost of a fill up
$10 lowest cost to fill up
$36.33 highest cost to fill up

Observations from the Road

• You should all ways remember why you changed the height of your windshield
• You should never leave town with only a dark visor for you helmet
• Never underestimate the amount of rain you will get
• There is a reason why all those riders have electric gear on
• You will never get the gas mileage you think you will
• Caribou and cars don’t mix
• After said mixture, the road will be a mess
• After riding through said mess, the next 100 miles will stink to high heaven
• Creatures come out after it quits raining
• Creatures usually stand on the other end of a blind turn
• Not all creatures will run away
• Generally, people on the road are very friendly
• Breakfast tastes better in little, run down looking establishments
• Riding in the rain is better than stopping in the rain
• Riding in the snow is slow, cold, and crazy
• Stopping in the open, in the snow, is an even worse idea
• Always look up at your surroundings
• Black bears look bigger above you than in front of you
• Don’t miss an opportunity to gas up in unfamiliar surroundings
• Two words for mosquitoes – Bug Bam
• Two lane highways are the way to enjoy the view

This is Bug Bam. You put it on your wrist and like magic the mosquitoes just don't land on or bite you. They will fly around you, but in the entire time I was gone I had one bite and it was while stopped at a road construction site. I heard about this product and ordered it on the Internet for about $2 if I remember correctly.

The Report

The first morning back I took Petunia to the car wash to pressure wash her. It was a waste of time because not much came off. I had washed the big clumps off in Fairbanks, so it really was only half a rides worth of grime. That evening I washed her by hand for almost two hours and am still finding spots I missed. Piggy is going to need some repairs. The tongue is really too short and needs to be extended. I found that most of the items inside had been beaten up pretty badly. There needs to be carpet or something in there to cushion things. Both of the front, amber, running lights were broken and need to be replaced. I also need to find a method to repair the damaged rear corner from the Spring Break ride. It is worse now and even has a hole that I can fit two fingers into.

On Wednesday I put Petunias stock exhaust system and mufflers back on. I had been running a set of Vance & Hines True Duals with Python slash cut mufflers to get that throaty, Harley sound. On this ride the noise got to be too much and the gas mileage was just awful. The first tank after the change brought me back to 46 MPG.

On Saturday evening I met a group that I ride with for a dinner ride to Florence, Arizona. Florence is home to the Arizona State Prison. It was a 177 mile round trip and the seven of us from Phoenix met up with about a dozen from Tuscon. It was good company, great Mexican food, and perfect riding weather. It was also the longest ride I've taken since I got home. The only day I didn't ride this week was Thursday, but I'm ready to get out there and start riding again. Next week I'll pay the bills from this trip and see if I saved enough to make my anticipated trip to Sturgis. Even if I don't make it to Sturgis this year going there wouldn't diminish how great the Alaska ride was.

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  1. Dude,

    Now this is what I'm talking about, great motorcycle adventures! I've ridden on a few of the roads you were in the Northwest part of the states. I'll get some of my other older trips posted soon. Hope you enjoy them as I enjoyed reading this.