Friday, June 13, 2008


After a 45 year wait I have ridden a motorcycle to Alaska!!! But, the adventure isn't over yet. There are still more miles to ride and more things to see. I am at a Hostel in Fairbanks that resembles a young adult camp complete with group tents and a quarter a minute shower. After I got here I walked 2 1/2 miles to eat at an all you can eat Alaskan Salmon Bake at the Pioneer Park. It is one of the things a tourist is supposed to do when visiting Alaska. Besides salmon they had cod, halibut, and a bunch of other stuff that I had to walk by to get the fish. I don't understand eating that other stuff when you can eat all the fish you can hold. It was the best fish ever. But, then I had to walk the 2 1/2 miles back to the camp. I really needed the walk after five days on Petunia.

Today was the same song, Rain, rain go away. Miles and miles of slow steady rain that really wasn't all that bad, just getting tired of rain. Canada is having an unusually wet year and when I stopped for breakfast the waitress said they had four inches of snow Sunday. It finally cleared out about 12:30 and the sun came all the way out about 2:00. When I got to Fairbanks it was almost 80 degrees and began to feel hot. It is starting to cool off and the mosquitoes are beginning to buzz around.

Today I got a dose of the road horror stories you always hear about the ride to Alaska. There was one point that was four miles of gravel/mud that was ridden in a pouring rain and I couldn't go over 20 mph and almost had to drag my feet to stay upright. Another section that I was held up for 20 minutes waiting for the guide truck to return and then had to follow it for 30 miles. After that there were patches of asphalt that were gone and replaced with gravel with no warning at all. Hitting them at 70 mph is exciting. Then there was a washboard section for about four miles that will require rectal surgery for Petunia. The broken corner that I patched is really broken now and tomorrow I will have to reload the trailer to remove all the weight from that side.

This is the business end of Petunia as she is doing all the work and I am hanging on. Notice all the clouds in my visor?

All in all today was a great day. There were some places I wished I could have stopped to take pictures, but the road conditions just didn't allow it. One in particular that I wanted was crossing a river that was 3/4 ice about a foot thick. It was just beautiful.

Here it is 9:45 and the sun is still out and shining brightly. I'm just about finished and think I will turn in. I shouldn't have any trouble falling asleep because it is only 15 minutes to quiet time. Tomorrow I will go exploring Fairbanks.

PS: I added the pictures that I couldn't post last night.


  1. I'm so happy you've made the dream!!!! Eat some fish for me. I love you!

  2. P.S. Thanks for coloring it in! :~)

  3. Hi Paul... your trip sounds glorious! Since you dig salmon, do you have any great salmon recipes? We're having a recipe contest and the grand prize ... wait for it ... is 15 Pounds of Wild Salmon. If you have time, check it out at