Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baaacck In The USA

Today was a perfect day of riding. Thin, high clouds in the morning and 54 degrees. Warming up to around 85 with some clouds and only about 87 drops of rain once I crossed the border into the USA.

The trip from Lac la Hache down to Abbotsford was spectacular! The road was a great mix of sweepers and slow turns with a very few stretches of straight lines. It was tree lined on both sides with a river running along side of it for almost 250 miles. There were five places that had tunnels cut through the mountain to be driven through. On the other side of the river I watched a train rolling along the edge chasing me as I went along.

Seattle is a lot bigger than Phoenix. It struck me that I really don't live in a big city. The number of high rises in the downtown is unbelievable and there are several under construction. The Space Needle looks so much different in person than it does in any picture I've seen of it that I was surprised. The Saturday traffic was terrible and I decided I didn't want to learn how the streets were laid out so I continued out of town to find a camp.

KOA's are a joke. I paid to have a 2008 Campground Directory sent to me. This is the one that was published after May 1, 2008. I have stopped at five of the camps listed and four are out of business. That may not be KOA's fault, but all four look as if they have closed for years. The only open one was in Montana and they wanted only $5 less than Motel 6. I found a great campground just outside Tacoma. The lady that runs the place rides a Harley and gave me a couple of routes to take to get me off of I 5, so I'll be looking into that in a bit.

On a comment Richard asked about the price of gas in the Yukon. Gas there was about $5.93 a gallon or $1.56 a liter. There are 3.8 liters in a gallon. Another way to look at it is in Canada a fill up cost between $23 and $28. In Washington a fill up costs $16.81 and I was using between 5 and 7 tanks a day.

That is the story from the road today. I need to look at the maps and make a decision about my next part of the journey. The only thing I'm certain of is I don't want to riding on the super slab any longer than necessary to get back to the two lanes. The best part of Canada is just about all of their highways are two lane. They give ample passing zones and traffic was never a problem. In fact even some log trucks passed me and that was going uphill.


  1. Don't tell me KOAs are BAD---that is where I was going camping for my first time out!

  2. Hope everything is still ok and you are just out of range.

  3. Paul:

    We had been away for a week down in Oregon, so have been away from your Blog for a few days. Now I read that you were in Seattle on Saturday. We left Toppenish, WA early and took the scenic route through WhitePass, Rainier NP, Enumclaw then into Seattle on I-90. Then late afternoon took I-5 back home to Vancouver, BC. It would have been great to meet you, if only we had known.