Monday, June 9, 2008

Better Riding on Day 2

First off my computer won't work at all. My cell hasn't got service either. No AT&T in Great Falls, Montana? Who would have thunk!

Today was the reason man made motorcycles. It was chilly, overcast, and just about perfect. The rain was scattered and light. The scenery was awesome and the roads were built with motorcycles in mind. Idaho had some great sights, but Montana is just spectacular! I made it to Great Falls and stopped at KOA to camp. $54? To ride through the mud and sleep in MY OWN tent and freeze? Motel 6 is $58 and was supposed to have free WiFi, but I need to use my network to access it. If I had access to my network I wouldn't need Motel 6. So, I'm frustrated with the computer issues that I thought I had taken care of. Today was a great day until I stopped and couldn't post what I wanted to post. I won't let that ruin the great day it was. So, this will be touching on yesterdays ride.

It seems that yesterday was a product of the anticipation and build up of getting out of town. It took a turn on Saturday when I broke a grease zert on Piggy. Easy enough to fix, but it didn't seem to be taking grease after that. So, I did an old fashioned bearing pack and found that neither bearing had enough grease from the Spring Break ride. Breaking that was a good thing in hind sight.

I was my own worst enemy on Sunday morning. I didn't put up the tongue stand and when I drove out of the driveway it ripped it out of the support. I finally noticed it when I stopped for gas before leaving town. When a guy does something this dumb he has to tell on himself. Next I stopped in Cordes Junction to check the trailer ball under the lights after some miles. I stopped and the bike was on a down hill slant and I was uncomfortable with that so I turned it around. Everything checked out great. But, I had put Petunia on her center stand and I couldn't push her off of it going up hill. I had to go inside the gas station and ask the attendant to come and help me. Two dumb mistakes in the first hour of the trip.

The weather played a part in making day one a day to forget. It was wet and cold. I really am not much of a cold weather kind of guy. So I had to ride slower and that added to the frustration of the day. It finished it off when I couldn't post to the blog. Tired, grumpy, and couldn't blog the story.

Day 2 was a great riding day and I at least got to post something here tonight. Tomorrow it is into Canada. I should get to Edmonton, Alberta to spend the night. That is if they let me across the border. I did take a few pictures today, but need to remember to stop and take lots of pictures. Today I saw a lot of deer and a few elk. In the next few I should see some caribou and bears. If I do, I hope to get pictures, so it isn't just a story.


  1. Glad day 2 was more enjoyable. Sorry to hear your computer is not playing nice, but you'll figure it out by tomorrow. Be safe and take lots of pictures!

  2. sounds like it is going far better! take lots of pictures! lil sis

  3. Wow, I can't believe you are so far already. I'm sure it was all on your plan but I still can't believe it! I've been checking your blog a ton. Have fun & be safe.