Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day of Rest

Saturday already? The week went really fast and with 4,000 miles behind me today will be a day of rest and doing the mundane. I woke up at 6:00 and walked a mile to find coffee and was successful when there was a Starbucks inside the Safeway. After coffee I reloaded the trailer to take the load off of the broken area. Next I went and washed Petunia and Piggy, and did laundry.

After my chores I unhooked Piggy and took a trip to the North Pole. Yes, the North Pole is a real place and even has a McDonalds and Post Office. I listed Micky D's first because I'm sure more people go there than the Post Office.

This is the real North Pole (wink,wink) as you can see by the reindeer who are resting up for their next assignment on December 24th. After a bit I came back to Fairbanks and went to Pikes Landing to watch the start of a four boat race 150 miles down the river and back. The start took about four minutes and there was a crowd of at least 150 to see them off. The starter told me it would take them about 3 1/2 hours to make it back. I guess you can hang out at the bar until then. I went and rode through the University of Alaska Campus.

I'm now back at the GoNorth Hostel where I'm staying. I repacked my bags, am posting for the day, and resting up to go to Anchorage tomorrow. I believe that I will take the most direct route for that part of the ride. A man named Paul suggested that I take the longer route, but I can take that part of the road leaving to get back to the Lower 48. I am still weighing my options for the ride home. There are three routes available, but getting gas is a real concern this year. Paul told me that one of the routes is almost impossible this year because of the number of station owners who haven't opened. He said the price of fuel is putting them out of business. The highest price I've paid so far is $5.95 a gallon at the last stop in Canada. Honestly I was so close to walking that I was more than happy to pay it.

The temperature in Fairbanks this morning was 48. It is now warming up nicely and I wore my short helmet on my ride this morning and it wasn't cold at all. The sky is blue without a cloud in the sky and I am thankful for that.

The first week has been terrific and I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for me next week.


  1. THE NORTH POLE??????? Hope Santa thinks you've been good so far this year! (wink,wink indeed!) It all sounds great so far. Hoping you have wonderful weather for the duration.