Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Down Day in Anchorage

Spending the morning at the Harley Dealer waiting to get the tire changed is boring. The damages are more than I really wanted to pay, but here you are a captive audience and still need to get home.

Some Alaskan facts while we wait:
The Willow Ptarmigan is the official state bird
The Forget-Me-Not is the state flower
Jade is the official state gem – I didn’t even know there was an official state gem
There are six considered states within the state in Alaska
1. The Artic Reigon which is the northern most third of Alaska
2. Western Alaska which includes the Seward Peninsula
3. Southwestern Alaska is the narrow peninsula that extends 550 miles into the Pacific Ocean
4. The Interior Region which is the warmest section and includes Fairbanks
5. The Southcentral Region which is the most populous region
6. The Southeastern region sometimes called the Panhandle

So, now we all know some things about Alaska that might help us when we watch Jeopardy.

Maybe getting this tire changed is a good thing after all. It appears the tire wasn’t aligned correctly when the last tire was installed. That caused the brake pads to drag and wear almost down to the metal. It rides a lot more freely now, but I still just bought a five gallon gas can. I don’t want to take any chances and it was way to close a couple of times coming up here.

I have also given in and bought a pair of heated gloves. On the ride up the only cold issue I had were with my hands. Because I’m taking the Cassier Highway back to Seattle and it goes through the high mountains I decided that comfort was more important than being stubborn.

Early tomorrow morning the trip back down starts. Halfway through the Alaskan ride and I am planning on not riding as far a day going home as I rode coming up here. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and there won't be much rain. If it is raining I might as well keep riding because I'm not sure about camping in the rain because my leathers can't dry by the morning. I am looking for some great adventure on the trip home.


  1. Heated gloves? They really think of everything!

  2. I'm really wanting to hate you for taking the trip I've dreamed about for 40 years. But I can't do it. Jealous yes. Hope you're having the trip of your life. Thanks for dropping a line at my place the other day.

  3. Hope you are off having too much fun to write since Tuesday!!
    I trust the mechanical things have been worked out:)

  4. 3 days and no words???? I hope everything is ok---I love you