Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Found a WiFi connection

Today was just about perfect. About 48 sprinkles when I was loading the trailer this morning. Then sunshine! Well all around me there was sunshine, but I was on the wrong side of the mountain and would have to wait for it to rise higher in the sky. It was worth the wait and it warmed up to about 60. I did get wet, twice, for only about ten minutes each time and one of those was in a newly graveled area so it kept the dust down.

The road conditions throughout the ride have been great. There have been a few places where they are laying gravel and it gets dusty, but it was only a problem once when a moron in a GMC with duel wheels didn’t want to follow at the speed limit and blew past everyone at about 90 mph. In Canada when they stop a line of vehicles, they move all the motorcycles to the front of the line.

The animal count so far is one caribou, two mountain sheep, a baby bear playing on the side of the road in the rain, and about a dozen buffalo. I got pictures of the buffalo because they don’t seem to be spooked by people stopping and taking their pictures.

So, I’m in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and I am finally camping. It is about three miles to Highway 1 taking me to Fairbanks, Alaska. The map I have said it is 468 miles to Fairbanks, but it also said from Fort Nelson to Whitehorse was 500 miles. Turns out that trip is more like 638 miles. A guy at a gas stop told me they have reworked a lot of the roads and haven’t remeasured and updated the maps. There lies another problem with this trip. Knowing when to stop for fuel is a problem just because of the metric conversions required. That same gas station guy told me that many of the station owners didn't reopen this year. I had noticed many businesses closed along the way, but didn't think about it. I’m carrying 2 ½ gallons of extra gas and have had use it three times already. The folks that don’t have any extra are sure to be in big trouble.

This is a picture of camping dinner. I just wanted everyone to know I can cook. That is all of me for today because it is starting to sprinkle. I’m going to put my computer away, double check on the time, and think about crawling into my tent. Tomorrow will be a big day, crossing into that 49th state.


  1. Is all this rain hurting your leather jacket? I know I'm the only one who thinks of this stuff. I'm also the first to post today, (Finally! :)

  2. Next stop.....Alaska!

  3. Meeting new people sounds great! I'm glad you're doing well. Maybe you will meet more interesting characters along the way! Nanook perhaps????

  4. Jeane , the jacket is doing well, the chaps are just about used up.

    lil sis the people I'm meeting really add to the trip