Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missed a Day

Wednesday was a rain filled morning that gave way to pleasant temperatures and the thought of being able to camp. But about 35 miles from Camp Nelson the sky blackened, the temperature dropped some fifteen degrees, a bolt of lighting struck, and it snowed hard and fast for about a half an hour. I slowed to a crawl and followed in the tracks of the car in front of me because there was nothing else to do. So, I got the last room at a motel, started to unload in a wet hurry, and met Gene, from the room next door. He is from Missouri and is going to Alaska also. We decided that we would go to dinner after cleaning up. Somehow we met a third biker from Florida, Ron, who is also going to Alaska. The motel was full and Gene asked Ron to stay in his room. We all went to dinner and spent the next two or so hours telling motorcycle lies.

The ride today was generic in that the pictures I took first thing in the morning look exactly like all the others I took. It is beautiful, but the trees don’t seem to change much. Canada does have an extraordinary number of lakes and rivers. Once on the Alaska Highway it travels right next a lot of the water ways. But, with narrow shoulders and no pull outs except with obstructed views the photos are limited. I did get to see a young caribou and you will have to believe that because it ran when I tried to stop.

This is a picture of me in Dawson Creek at Mile Post 1 of the Alaska Highway. If you look real close at the picture, near the bottom, between Petunia and Piggy, you should see that Piggy is pointing down. A couple from Colorado took the picture for me and I also wanted a picture of Petunia alone. I went to snap it and something didn’t look right. The pin I was worried about in my swivel ball sheared off and the trailer was hanging by the safety chains. Luckily I was smart enough to take a spare trailer ball just in case. I just stopped for gas two blocks before pulling into the parking lot to take the picture.

So, that was my day. You won’t see this until I get wired somewhere. But, I wrote it in the motel before I went to sleep. Going to sleep is hard when the sun doesn’t set until 10:30.