Thursday, June 5, 2008

North to Alaska

It has been a long time coming, but now, finally, it is only three days away. I woke up early today and made reservations for my stay in Fairbanks and Anchorage. I will spend two days in Fairbanks and four in Anchorage. I've been tracking the weather for the past month and it might be raining next week, so I opted to book a bed in a Hostel. I have never stayed in a Hostel before, but it just adds to the adventure. Well that and $25 for a bed at a Hostel or $135 for Motel 6 made it easier to decide. I was going to book KOA spots in Fort Bridger, Wyoming and Great Falls, Montana, but instead I will chance that they won't be full when I get there. This morning it is 37 with rain in Fort Bridger and the expected high is only 50. Hopefully there won't be an abundant number of people who think camping in those conditions is a great idea.

The new swivel ball arrived yesterday and it looks good and works just as advertised. I will carry the other ball just in case, but this one feels substantial. The ball pivots on a pin that appears to be a pressed fit on each end. As the picture shows Petunia could lay on her side and Piggy would still be on her wheels. I hope to never prove that theory.

After school today I am having a new rear tire installed. I will put a few miles on it before I leave just in case. I also got a new set of tires to be installed after I get back from this trip. Petunia is getting about 9,500 miles on a rear tire and I should just exceed that in the next 30 days. The current Metzler on the front has 16,000 and has plenty left for this trip. I just wish the rear wore as well.

I have also amended my summer plans a bit. I checked the new school calendar and find that I can make a Sturgis run this year. So I have reservations for six days of fun and sights in the wild, wooley world of Sturgis Bike Week. Should be an exciting way to conclude a great summer of riding and adventure.

Is it really three days before I can leave?


  1. My cousin Mark LaFleur. Email:
    He'd be a good resource. Lives in Sioux Falls, SD.
    I hope your trip is perfect!

  2. Enjoy and safe travels. I'm jealous!

  3. Be safe little brother. I love you! c.

  4. I Love you the best! Be safe! I am so jealous! Have a great time. You've earned it.