Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quack, Quack

I'm beginning to feel like a duck. 500 miles today and rain for 385 of those. I began to think back to the last four long rides I went on I only had a total of about three hours of rain. I had six hours today alone. So far I've ridden three days and had rain all three. But, riding in the rain isn't all bad. I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My computer and AT&T are smiling on me and I'm posting using the computer the way it was supposed to work.

This is the Canadian Border. I took a picture of Petunia there to prove I really rode, but it didn't come out right. Tomorrow I will get a great picture of Petunia, Piggy, and myself at the start of the AlCan Highway to make up for it. Speaking of the border, I was randomly selected to park and come inside. My crack about if they let me in was a bit too true. It started when I pulled up to the window and the first agent asked what business I had in Canada. After I told him I was riding through to get to Alaska he said, "Remove your lid, sir." Next he asked if I had my passport and then invited me inside. I went to a second agent who typed into his computer and asked me things like my date of birth, my social security number, my address, city I was born in, what I did for a living, grade I taught, school I taught at, and at every answer he clicked on something. I must have passed the test because he stamped a yellow paper "Admitted" and had me take it to a third agent who looked at it for about 20 seconds before saying, "You can go now." I guess me waiting was a problem for him.

Leaving Great Fall, Montana at 6 o'clock was beautiful. It was bright and sunny, 47 degrees with 88% humidity. For as far as I could see there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Just after I crossed the border I saw these clouds starting to brew. The closer I got the darker they got. If I was a smart man I would have sworn they were snow clouds. I stopped at the Visitors Center in Lethbridge and the man there said it was only supposed to be light rain. There was so much rain that the sides of the highway have standing water and I would be afraid to pull off for fear of sinking. So I kept riding to Edmonton. Cold, wet, tired, and hungry I stopped at the second motel I came to and got a room. $90 for a room, but it is warm and cozy. I guess I'm not that tough after all because I let a little thing like 34 degrees and rain keep me from seeking out camping options. Oh, and the lady at the front desk said there are tornado warnings for this area tonight and tomorrow.

So far I have kept to my schedule (except for camping) and have been cruising at a steady 72 mph. My only problem today has been doing the conversions in my head between kilometers and miles. It is important when figuring where the fuel stops are. I missed on the last one and had to stop and use my 2 1/2 gallon reserve. I'm not getting very good mileage with the Canadian gas for some reason.

It is beginning to become a great ride after settling into it. The bigger part of the adventure starts tomorrow when I go to Dawson Creek and head out on the AlCan Highway to Alaska. I plan on getting where I get to tomorrow and the only real plan is to enjoy the ride. I have to remember to stop at pull-outs and take more pictures than I took today, but stopping on the edge of the road in a pouring rain for a picture didn't sound like a good idea.


  1. WOW!!!! This is so cool! I'm glad to be sharing in your adventure. The delay into Canada is pretty funny stuff. I hope you have far better weather on your journey. Keep safe. I love you bunches! lil sis

  2. Dang, every time I try to be the first to post a comment someone beats me to it! It sounds like you are having fun and it's a great adventure! The cats are doing great too!

  3. I, too, am looking forward to reading this everyday. Oh, and I hope the rain stays away.