Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Sturgis This Year

It appears that some higher authority decided I wasn't going to Sturgis this year. A 75 MPH blowout, on the freeway, on a rear tire with only 126 miles on it will cause me to not make the trip.

The Good: I felt something odd just before the tire let go and had moved to the curb lane and was already slowing down trying to decide what that feeling was. I really thought the front tire was going down. Somehow the bike stayed up on two wheels. Or at least one wheel and a rim. HOG road service is as advertised. One phone call and a tow truck was there in 45 minutes to take Petunia to a location of my choice - free and without any hassle. Jeane and Jim came out in the rain at 11:30 to pick us up and take us to the house.

The Bad: Being called to say the bike was ready, but it wasn't ridable. It wobbled all over the road at 25 MPH. A complaint and a check showed that somehow the new tire was lopsided and had a half inch difference in the shoulder height on one side. Of course there wasn't another tire in stock and because it is Saturday it can't be ordered until Monday. Petunia won't be ready until Wednesday. I was leaving Tuesday and waiting until Thursday would only leave two days in Sturgis. That just doesn't make sense to go that far for two days and miss out on the planned side rides.

So, with mega dissapointment I won't make Sturgis this year. I will resist the urge to leave Wednesday and ride all night to get there on Thursday. That just isn't safe and I was lucky once this week already. So I will have to wait until next year to go to Sturgis. Next year is almost like tomorrow. Tomorrow - the day that is always coming, but never gets here.


  1. Thank god you're safe.

  2. Glad to hear you weren't injured in the blow out. The tire that blew with 126 miles and the lopped side tire...are these the ones with the words Harley-Davidson on the side that the dealers all default too? as you may know these are manufactured by Dunlop. Unfortunately, I've kind of learned that there isn't that wonderful of quality management being put into play. Obviously a 126 mile tire shouldn't blow out and VERY Obviously a brand new tire shouldn't be so far out of round that it can't be ridden over 25 mph.

    I've went to Metzler for replacement tires. My local Harley dealer even offers them and has them in stock. Metzler seems to concern themselves a bit more with quality control.

    Just my ten cents. I'm sure some of the riders with more years under their leathers can offer experienced wisdom in tire choices.

    Ride Safe
    - Peace

  3. Allen,
    As luck would have it both of the new tires are Metzler. I've had 25,000 problem free miles with Metzler and now this. My only complaint up to now is only getting 10,000 miles on a tire. Not counting getting only 5,000pulling Piggy over the AlCan Highway. Yes, I have been running 48 pounds of air in them.