Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Time Blahs

It is that time of the year. The summer ride to Alaska is safely in the books. Life slowly tries to return to normal. It is hot and most folks don't want any part in riding after 9:00 AM. Yea, you get a bit wet and maybe even a little stinky, but what the hell you can always shower later.

Petunia has decided that she doesn't like the heat and started acting up. The dealer checked the battery just before I left for Alaska and assured me it was OK. Maybe it was then, but it isn't now. The good news is I was home for a few days before this became a problem. So, after checking options I ordered an AGM battery online. I have to wait until Tuesday to get it, but saved $65.

Next week I get to spend four days in a classroom learning how to integrate an ActiView video screen into my classroom. This allows students to work on a 5 X 4 white board that is computer activated. Once I learn how to use it properly it really should make learning fun for the students and me.

After computer school I need to make the decision on going to Sturgis. On one hand I think I already spent too much this summer. But, on the other hand this summer might be the only opportunity I get to make the trip. There is the possibility of kicking myself if I don't go and wondering what I missed. As the death of another friend has shown life is uncertain and we don't know how many tomorrows we have. Sometimes being so damn independent isn't all that much fun.


  1. You're oh so right, Paul - you never know. Better hit Sturgis - we've lost a lot of people in the last 12 months. I vote for go. Love, me

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