Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday Afternoon

The new school year started this week and as expected the week was long and tiring. So, Friday after school I took a ride out to Tortilla Flats. It was about 109 degrees, the traffic was congested, and I almost turned around and went home. The picture on the left was taken in January of this year and the lake was lowered for repair work on the dam. On the right is the lake today. It appears to be near full capacity because of all the snow and rain this year. The Phoenix area has had more rain this summer than the past two years combined.

At Tortilla Flats I visited with two riders from Washington, DC. They were on an American Legion ride that collects donations to help with college tuition for the children of fallen American soldiers. One of the gentlemen said he took his vacation time for the ride and his wife wasn't very happy about it, but she understood why he had to do it. I salute our military for what they do for us and am proud to fly an American flag on Petunia. I am honored to have met these gentlemen who ride in this heat to show that the sacrifice of these brave men and women isn't going to be forgotten. The American Legion is doing great work and if anyone doesn't have a charity they already support this is a worthwhile cause.

Tortilla Flats closes up at 6 most nights and I didn't feel like a burger, so I planned on stopping at the Canyon Lake Marina Restaurant for dinner. They were having their Friday pollock fish fry for $10.49. All you eat fish, coleslaw, fries, and garlic bread. It was great food and outstanding service. Plus looking out over the lake while eating was a bonus.

The Marina is also home to Dolly. Dolly is a paddle wheel boat that has tours of the lake and also dinner cruises. I have taken the dinner cruise before and it is great.

After dinner I stopped by my sister's house for a bit. Before I knew it it was 9:00 and I had almost an hour ride home still. Funny how I could be so tired at 3:15 and still be looking forward to that hour ride. Even in the heat of an Arizona afternoon and evening, there is magic in riding a motorcycle.

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