Sunday, October 26, 2008

End of Fall Break Ride

It is already Saturday and the one week of Fall Break is quickly coming to a close. I knew getting only one week would make it fly by and I have been spoiled with two weeks for the last several years. So, I took the opportunity to get back to two up riding. I have given a few people rides, but for the most part I have only ridden solo for the past nine years. My friend, Louise, has ridden in the past and she was willing to take the chance and ride with me.

Well, where to go? My first thought was to dinner up in Rock Springs. A short 80 mile round trip that offers a few curves and great scenery. This is a favorite ride for me and I make it regularly. But, then I thought, and asked, why not take the more scenic route up Highway 89, or Yarnell Hill, into Prescott. That made me think about adding Highway 89A and just going all the way to Jerome. Maybe a bit ambitious after not carrying a passenger in so long, but I've ridden this road many times and Louise had never been there before.

We were off at 10 Saturday morning in bright sunlight and pleasant temperatures. I anticipated, and warned, that it would probably get cold at the higher elevations, but it was great the entire day. These pictures are from Highway 89 a few miles south of Prescott. There was a haze in the air at the higher elevations that I don't remember ever being there.

Traveling through Prescott I took a wrong turn and accidentally found my way to the road I knew would take us to 89A. Rolling closer to Jerome I was aware of just how much damage the Bark Beetle has done to the forest.

These pictures were taken about a mile from Jerome. Just around the bend shown on the left. The right picture shows the old water pipes that supplied Jerome back when it was a mining town. We found a parking spot and went to the Mile High Grill for a late lunch. My daughter and son-in-law were there earlier in the week and gave it good reviews. But, I couldn't bring myself to have the creme cheese filled hamburger. After lunch we walked all around Jerome before heading back down the hill.

We went into Prescott Valley for gas and then over to I 17 to ride to Black Canyon City and make a stop at Rock Springs Cafe. Because of the late lunch we just opted for a slice of the Jack Daniels Pecan Pie. Leaving Rock Springs we did put on jackets for the ride back into Phoenix. A couple of areas we were thankful that we did as it got a bit nippy crossing the desert out by Lake Pleasant.

Back around 8 and an enjoyable 260 mile ride was over. Riding 2 up again wasn't as hard as I thought. I did ride a bit slower than I usually do, but that was a good thing. Louise was a great passenger and her riding skill was evident as she quickly became part of Petunia. Yep, today was a great day riding, having a passenger adds to the ride, and I look forward to the next trip.


  1. You write so darn well little brother! You must have gotten it from me, haha! Seriously, very interesting stuff you write about! I'm glad you had a good time, uh, who's Louise? Love, Cheryl

  2. Louise? She is a new friend that hopefully you'll have a chance to meet.

  3. Fall Break. That's an interesting thing. Is this an official school scheduling thing? Do you have year round school there?

    Here we still schedule the school year with summer off. It has to do with kids being able to help with harvesting.

    By the way, I read the story in your last post. Reminds me of something Will Rogers said.

    Good judgement comes from bad experience, a lot of which comes from bad judgement.

  4. Irondad, we have an alternative school schedule in our District. For the past several years we had a 2 week break at the end of each of the first 3 quarters and a 7 week summer break. This year we only get 1 week now and in the spring, 2 at Christmas, and summer will be just over 10 weeks. Creative ways to try and help the students retain what they are taught.

    A lot of the good judgement I have today does come from the bad judgement of my past. I'm not vain enough to think Will Rogers had me in mind when he said that though, I think it is called growing up and learning from those mistakes.

  5. Dude,

    Sounds like a nice ride with some nice company on some nice roads.