Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Just Another Weekend

Friday night and I was wondering what I should do. I decided to go to my daughter's house to visit my granddaughter Keegan. We chased ducks in the park, played chase, went for mac and noodles at Burger King, played in the play room, and she had a bath. Then it was the best of times as she brought out her books and sat in my lap as I read to her. But, there was more that made this Friday special. You see, Keegan is practicing to be a big sister. My daughter, Elizabeth, gave me the great news that they are expecting a wonderful new addition.

Saturday morning found me getting some much needed chores done around the house. I also changed out the broken brake lever from last week. That project required me to go buy a set of mini snap ring pliers. Other than that it was a snap. I also swapped out the mufflers on Petunia because she seems to be running really hot and sluggish.

Needing to find out if the muffler change would do anything I set out about 2:30 to ride to the Arizona Joshua Parkway also known as the Joshua Forest Scenic Road. This is Highway 93 leading to Kingman and the fastest way to Las Vegas from Phoenix.

This is a Joshua Tree. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the Joshua Tree as - A tree like plant (Yucca brevifolia) of the southwest United States, having sword-shaped leaves and greenish-white flowers grouped in large panicles.

This was supposed to be a day when a really big storm hit Arizona. It was overcast, temperatures in the high 80's and dropping into the 70's during the ride. The really big storm produced about seven drops of rain during the 280 miles I traveled. It was perfect riding weather. I was surprised that there weren't more motorcycles out today. Even in Wickenburg, a favorite destination for bikers, there were only three going and one coming back. Maybe the threat of rain kept them in the garage. Hopefully fall will finally be upon us and the real riding will start back up.

Today I am going to change mufflers again. I'm going back to the Python slash cuts that make a bit of noise. While the bike ran cooler yesterday the gas milage wasn't very good. After this change I might have to go and let the professionals tune the Power Commander to Petunia. I just might have outsmarted myself trying to tune it on my own.

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