Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis The Season

The cool weather has enveloped the desert, the colorful lights are twinkling on the neighborhood houses, the traffic has increased and the drivers are impatient. That can only mean it is approaching the holiday season. Better known, to those like me that aren't politically correct, as Christmas and Christmas means it is time to think about Toy Runs. This past weekend I cleared my schedule and attended my first of the year.

This particular run was the 36th Annual Kicks 4 Kids Motorcycle Toy Run sponsored by the Star of Phoenix Chapter #113, Fraternal Order of Police, and the Army Reserve NCO Council. This is the longest running toy run in Arizona and the support is outstanding. The economy did affect this ride as it was supposed to be an escorted ride by Phoenix PD and the Arizona Highway Patrol, but due to budget issues there was no escort. The problem was they only let 30 or so bikes out at a time and we had to stop at the lights. We were in the third group out and once out on I17 South it got a bit interesting. Watching out ahead there were many brake lights and cars swerving from lane to lane dodging each other. A small group of us changed over to the HOV lane and continued. Then we saw the problem. The lead group of riders were traveling about 35 miles an hour down the freeway. That seemed to me to be inviting disaster and explained the cars braking and swerving.

The left picture is the staging area and the right is arriving at the drop off area. As you see the weather was overcast and there was a possibility of showers. But, you couldn't let a small thing like showers keep from helping out the children.

My grand daughter loves 'babies' so when choosing what gift to buy I had to get a baby in honor of her. If it makes her that happy I am hoping that other little girls will be as thrilled.

These were two of the really cool rides that were at the ride.

This was the most noteworthy paint job I saw on the ride. It was outstanding in the detail and looks.

After dropping off the toys we headed to Mesa for breakfast where we sat out on the patio. There was no sense letting all that leather go to waste.

After breakfast we headed out to Saguaro Lake just for the ride. While it was chilly, the sun did sneak out for a bit and it felt really good. All in all this was a very nice day to ride. It was cold by Arizona standards and if the sun would have shown itself more I would have been happier. But, at least Petunia doesn't have to be covered in the garage because of that funny white stuff that our friends back east are looking at.

I guess I'll just have to ride a few miles next weekend in their honor.


  1. why is it the guys always look cold and the ladies content? :)

  2. I heard this was a great run. We didn't do it this year, but have in the past.

    Yeah, it's getting chilly to ride, isn't it? :)

  3. Sounds like a great day! And I'm sure that whoever ends up with that baby doll will be more than thrilled! Good choice.

  4. Go take a ride for me. I've been on forced withdrawal for a couple of days. Today, though, there's actually some bare pavement here and there. Where's the bike key?

    Good for you for taking part in the toy run. We all need to be a part of something larger than ourselves once in a while!