Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Ride

Ahhhhhhhhhhh winter is here in Arizona. Sunday, December 28 and it was a pleasant 35 degrees, sunny, and a promised high of 58. Perfect for a short jaunt down to Oracle, Arizona to try out a small little Mexican restaurant named Casa Rivera. Met up at Ms Hogs pen with Shawn and Roy and off we went in search of two riders meeting us out on the turnoff to Florence. The riding was great, if not a bit chilly, with a bright sun lit sky and a small cross wind.

The mostly uneventful ride took us South on Arizona 79 up to about the 5580 foot elevation near Black Mountain. Uneventful until a cage pulled out to pass just as he topped a hill and there were five motorcycles running at him about 300 yards away. Must have been in a slam on the brakes and make a very quick right. Wasn't even close for me as I was in my usual position for a group ride which is at the tail end. When we turned off of 79 onto 77 we saw some funny white powder covering the ground. Those back east might not recognise it as snow, but here it makes little kids' hearts race and normal adults get crazy.

On the left is Louise, standing in the snow, outside Casa Rivera and on the right is Casa Rivera. Did I mention it was a small restaurant? But, it was also busy and people continued to show up and wait to get a seat. Six folks from Tuscon rode up to meet us there and it was a really good lunch.

After eating, visiting, and gassing up, we headed back toward Phoenix with all the Tucson bikers. The plan was to stop at the Tom Mix Memorial and then each group going on their way. Tom Mix was a famous cowboy actor from the silent movie days. I've seen this memorial on many occasions, but never really knew anything about him until today. A six million dollar man in the 1920s to 40s, a military deserter, and a circus performer added to his colorful life. He was killed in a wreck about a half mile south of the rest stop.

This nice 280 mile ride and home in time to watch the conclusion of the Arizona Cardinals game ending the season 9-7. Atlanta comes to town next Saturday at 11-5. The Cards might not have a prayer, but they made the playoffs and anything could happen. Sad that they play in a dome out here and those in the cold country won't see our great early January weather. But, maybe they will open the top for this game. That is if the temperature gets up to 55 or so. Arizona weather......just awful.


  1. Sounds like a really nice day. I love the pics you posted of the desert. It's very beautiful there, and the cactus looks like little fuzzy pickles! LOL!

    I share your burden of "awful" weather. We rode last Saturday for almost 250 miles in sunshine with intermittent cloud cover. Our local news claimed that night, that it actually got up to 77 degrees during the day. No wonder I had to unzip my lining out of my jacket at our first gas stop! Geez!

    We southern region riders will just have to continue to carry the burden of "freedom riding" and "road therapy" for all our northern riding brethren. No thanks necessary. I'm glad to do it. ;)

    Ride on!

  2. Mr. AHD: Funny the desert doesn't look much different in the winter then it does in the summer. Unless you take in to account there is that funny white stuff on the ground instead of heat waves boiling off the pavement that is.

    I got to go for a ride Friday in the afternoon. It was a wet soggy mess with temps in the low 50sf so the snow was melting very fast. But by the next morning came it was all froze with temps in the low teens. Go figure, it is winter after all.

    Ms. Lady R I want to thank you for the ride via proxy... no really I do... but save it for when we are really needing it like the middle of next month :)


  3. Lady R; Thank you for helping carry the burden. It is always nice to share!

    Fasthair; Winter weather is unpredictable. Sunday it never got above 55 and Monday it was 70. I can promise a report on a ride or two in January. In fact I think I see one on the 2nd and 3rd already.