Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Becoming Part of the Solution Part 3

Since Ebay didn't seem like a viable option I began to look closer at the Liberty (left car) at $5495 base, the Motorvation Spider(right car) at $4599 base, and the Champion Legend(last car) at $4495 base. The Liberty is the only one with brakes as standard equipment on the base model. Adding color match, installation or freight, and other necessary bling items gets them all into the mentioned eight grand price range. Add to that having to travel to have it installed, additional installation fee not included, and the price continues to grow.

Riding somewhere to pick a hack up isn't a big deal because I love to ride. Something kept telling me there was a less expensive way to do this. But, whatever it was just wouldn't come to me. Then Louise started talking about getting a bike and learning to ride. I told her to buy a bike off of Craigs List. That was it! I went to Craigs List, typed in sidecar, pressed enter, and wala...... one entry. That entry was from December 12 from a guy looking for a sidecar for a BMW. Struck out, nobody selling sidecars in the Phoenix area. Then a thought crossed my mind and I posted for anyone looking to unclutter their garage of an unwanted sidecar that would fit Petunia.

After posting I left for a ride and didn't think about it again. Then at 8:45 Saturday evening I got home and checked my e-mail and had a message from Patrick. He had an '05 Legend with 16" wire wheels, Brembo brakes, electric lean, air vent, tonneau cover, seat belt, and axillary electrical outlet that he was taking off of an '04 Electra Glide for a price of $3500. I called right then and scheduled a time Sunday to go have a look.

This car was in nearly perfect condition. Perfect would have been already color matched to Petunia, but she is red and black. A couple of scuffs on the frame, a few chip marks from flying rocks, and Patrick was willing to help me install and set it up. I'll be looking for a painter because this was to good of a deal to pass up.

When to pick it up was the issue. Monday is out because the banks are closed, Tuesday is out because of bowling, Wednesday I tutor after school and don't finish until 5:30, Thursday Patrick is leaving town. Wednesday it will be after 6:00. Then I got an idea. How about I take all the sub-frame and attachment parts with me and install them before I come on Wednesday? Patrick didn't hesitate and said sure because that is where all the time is eaten up. So strapping the sub-frame to Petunia I was off to learn to install a hack on a Harley.

Removing and installing everything wasn't really hard, but it did take about four hours. When you're not sure of what you're doing it tends to slow you down. That and I don't want to take any chances when safety is concerned. I also needed to bleed the brakes and even after I was finished they felt soft and that made me uncomfortable. I had new pads for Petunia, so I went to Craigs List to see if I could find a Harley tech to install them. I started to do it myself, but it looked like the rear axle needed to be removed and I wasn't going to do that. I found Andre, a tech that was laid off three weeks ago by a local dealer, who lives about four miles from me. He installed the pads, without removing the calipers, bled the brakes, found that a rubber spacer on the rear caliper wasn't installed right, pulled the axle, and installed it correctly. All for the low price of $70. I was happy and will go to him again next time I need work done.

So, today is the day. I pick up the hack and bring her home. I'll post some pictures soon in her mismatched color. As I am typing this it just flashed in my mind, maybe some color match for Piggy is in the cards since I'll me at the painter anyway.


  1. Very much looking forward to seeing some pictures! Glad you finally found one that works in your price range!

  2. The sidecar looks great!

    I've added you to my bloglist as well so I can keep up with your sidecar riding adventures to come...

    Redleg's Rides