Monday, January 19, 2009

Becoming Part of the Solution Part 1

The economy is in disarray, the people of this great land have elected Barack to lead us to the promised land, the price of a barrel of oil is at a ten year low, gas prices are rising every day again (can't figure that one out), global warming is melting the glaciers of the world (while the eastern US and Alaska are enjoying it's effects), and I can't ride Petunia for everything I do. Usually I'm not a PC kind of guy, but Barack says we all must sacrifice. That together, we as a nation, we can make the world a brighter, safer, cleaner, friendlier place. I guess listening to all of this promised happiness has given me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to sacrifice. To do what little part I can to show that I'm buying into the hoopla. But, how is that possible at my advanced age to make those kinds of change? Do I even want to?

This isn't a new awaking for me. Dan over at The Intrepid Commuter has been a proponent of riding to work for a long time. Dan lives in Oregon and rides nearly every single day. He believes in riding so deeply that he has convinced his boss to let him ride his bike to business meetings and sales calls as a part of his employment. But, I bowl and can't, or won't, strap two bowling balls on Petunia. Grocery shopping is another problem that I feel the need to do in a cage. Because of my neanderthal way of thinking I own a car, a truck, and a bike. My footprint on the world must look the skid marks on a 7 year old's Jockeys. Since November 4th I have assumed an attitude that I must get on board and change my way of thinking, to make sacrifices, to try to alter my footprint on the world, to become a team player in change.

Wait a minute, the answer to that must lie somewhere in the past. Sit, think, ponder, and begin to research. First off does any one, single, individual really need three vehicles? Something has to go. Petunia isn't going anywhere, so the car or the truck has to go. Stupid thought; what if both the car and truck went? Son-in-law mentioned a locker at the bowling alley would eliminate the excuse about carrying the bowling balls every week. But, there isn't any way to get around grocery shopping. Wait just a damn minute here. Like a jolt from the past it hit me. There is a possible answer to my new found Global Awareness. As Barack, preached, "Yes we can!"

A sidecar might be the answer for the prayers to save the world. I went to work researching hacks or chairs or those funny things. I had one back in 1984 or so and it was great fun to drive.

Sidecars, what are the possibilities? To quote a fifth grader, "Mr. Malone are you always nuts?"


  1. Hey, you've got it all figured out now! I am riding a lot more now, and my new job is close enough that I can ride to work every day. But I still have to drive the kid to and from school and all that stuff, and I can't, and won't, ride with a passanger, so I guess I'll be holding on to my car for a little bit longer.

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  3. Thank you for the mention! Sidecars may be an option. The point is that everyone has to do what their circumstances allow. My circumstances allow me to ride. Other folks can't. Remember that the actual riding is only a part of the picture.

    Sometimes being a positive role model and friendly ambassador goes a long ways. How many of your students and parents will have a better picture of riders because of you? How many might ride due to seeing you ride to school?

    All I'm saying is that there's many different paths to a better world.

    By the way, if you DO haul the bowling balls ( and I used to ride to a league so I'm speaking from experience ) be sure to balance the load!

  4. I've posted about being greener on my blog too. I've also gotten a lot of flack. I've also read on other blogs that I frequent how much of a load of crap this global warming thing is. I guess we all have to make choices, and I choose to play it safe, and try to do my part to save our planet. Even If I'm wrong, It can't hurt, However, if they are wrong (those naysayers), and we don't do our part, It can hurt.

    Thanks for being concerned.

  5. I think Al Gore is so full of crap that his eyes are brown. But, at the same time, we recycle, have a composter, collect rainwater to use for our garden and yard.

    go figure :)

    But back to the issue at hand, I think hacks are cool. Rock on to the beat of your drummer. If the kids of our present society thing you are weird, you should take that as a compliment.