Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Have Been Riding

I have been riding, but haven't found time to write about it. Wait, I haven't made time to write, so at 3:40 on a Saturday morning when I should be fast asleep I make some time. Petunia was in the shop this week getting her 40,000 mile service. Back in March of 07 I purchased a prepaid service agreement and when I picked her up I was really glad I did as the bill for this service was $750.58. That is 1/3 of what I paid for 12 services or three years whichever come first. This was the seventh service on the contract and I plan on riding enough to get the next five in the fourteen months left before it expires. Then I will be searching for an independent Harley garage.

Last Sunday in 48 degree, clear, sunshine I met up with Ms Hog and five others for a ride down to the 23rd Annual Fiddler & Bluegrass Jamboree Arts & Crafts Bazaar & Car Show at the Pinal County Fairgrounds where we met up with the group from Tuscon.

This is what was promised: Foot Stompin Fun at the Fairgrounds! For only four dollars you can hear the Famous Fiddler & Bluegrass Musicians, browse through a hundred or more commercial and arts & crafts vendors, eat a delicious variety of foods, and experience the nostalgic pleasures of our car show. A wide variety of live acts are also scheduled which includes an Old Time Tractor Pull.

This is what was delivered:

The Famous Fiddler & Bluegrass Musicians

The Car Show

The live acts. This was a lady from California with a variety of parrots, a toucan, and some other strange bird that was about five feet tall making funny noises. It really was impressive for the first ten minutes. The only food I took part in was the homemade fudge from a woman who had twenty some different kinds. After six different samples I felt obligated to buy some.

After about an hour of festivities at the Jamboree it was time to ride. We stopped at Tags in Coolidge, Arizona for lunch. Or actually breakfast. It was the best omelet I have ever eaten and I was told I really missed out not having the chorizo. I will make that another ride in the near future.

Then it was a pleasant, uneventful ride back into Phoenix in perfect January weather. Some of you that are suffering from all this Global Warming might think of coming out to see why we love it here so much. Arizona Bike Week is coming and it would be an opportune time to visit this great state.


  1. Something about that car says "Rat Rod" to me. Drop in a big bore V-8... :)


  2. Hmmm....Arizona Bike Week, I may just have to look into it. Although it has been very nice riding weather here, but I think I'm ready for a long trip.