Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just an Arizona Winter Day

Saturday morning arrived and the call of the road was to strong to ignore. Fresh tune up on Petunia, laundry and vacuuming all done and no football until the BIG GAME Sunday. I was out the door headed to one of my favorite destinations Tortilla Flats. These are some of the views that keep me coming back.

This is a full Canyon Lake. Some might remember a picture from last year when the lake had been drained to repair the dam, but now it is full and as beautiful as ever. One of the disadvantages in Arizona is man made lakes as opposed to natural lakes in some areas. But, they did a nice job didn't they?

Besides the scenery the road into Tortilla Flats is a great motorcycle road. Twists and turns with a suggested 15-20 MPH speed limit. Louise rode with me and had never been there. She committed on how great the ride was a half mile before the twists and I had just told her it was going to get better and then I dumped Petunia into a corner at 30. Louise's reaction was to shout,"Holy F%$#!!!" She quickly recovered and decided it really was a great road.

Traveling through Apache Junction to get to Arizona 88 there were two guys on Harleys stirring up the locals. One on a Road Glide with what sounded like straight pipes would race from a stop at full throttle while going straight, pull in the clutch and make it scream for no apparent reason at all. His buddy and passenger riding a Heritage were laughing and turning around looking to see who was watching all of this. That's why people don't like bikers. During the game playing they didn't pay attention to traffic and we got around them. They rode nearly up my pipes until that first quick corner then disappeared. I began to worry if maybe they had missed a corner. At the view point we stopped and after a few minutes here they came with a line of cars in tow. Mr. Road Warrior could really ride in a straight line, but seemed to have trouble if the road bent left and right.

Tortilla Flats was packed, as I should have known for this time of year. There was a long wait in the restaurant. There was huge wait out at the grill on the patio and very limited seating because of all the folks there, so we went the two miles back up the road to the marina restaurant. These pictures were taken from our seats on the patio overlooking the lake. The only problem we encountered eating outside was the breeze kept blowing napkins away.

The paper this morning says the official high yesterday was 77 in Phoenix. It felt a bit warmer than that out in the sun, but that was just perfect. If you watch the Cardinals beat the Eagles today I'll bet they show some shots of our winter. When you start thinking you should move here just remember the 100 or so days when it is above 110 degrees. Yep, it's a trade off, but we don't shovel.


  1. What Beautiful Photos...NO SNOW in any of them.

  2. Ahhh....don't you just love winter? Great pics!