Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been preoccupied in my own little world the past couple of weeks. Those that know me know it isn't anything I want to talk about. It is just sometimes my feeble little brain goes on vacation and forgets to take the rest of me with it. So, I wake up at 3:00 AM on a Friday and can't get back to sleep and think maybe my brain is back. Who knows?

Three weeks ago I did have the pleasure of meeting Ann and Big D who are fellow bloggers from the Phoenix area. We met on their turf at the monthly BACA meeting. Because of their bike being down, parts chasing, and the threat of rain we didn't get to go have the planned drink. So, Ann and Big D, I still owe you one.

It has rained in Phoenix for the past three weekends. That unusual weather has caused the riding lessons for Louise to come to a stop and she isn't happy about it. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend and hopefully Sunday our schedules will allow us to meet up and get her out on the road to get some experience.

Saturday the sidecar is getting unhooked and remounted. I am going to start over from the beginning and try to realign it. It just doesn't seem to roll freely and the tires don't look like they are tracking on center. Other than that it is great.

Great and getting better. This is my new buddy Pongo. He is a ten month old Shepard mix, rescued from the pound, dog park friendly, cat loving, future sidecar riding, ball of energy. I'm letting him get settled in his new home and this weekend I will introduce him to the wonderful life of riding. I'm hoping he adapts as well to that as he did to riding in the truck.

My agenda this weekend also includes installing an oil temperature gauge in Petunia. With the added weight of the sidecar and summer coming up I purchased an oil cooler from Ebay, but want to see how hot it is running before putting it on for comparison. I've read many different opinions about the necessity of an oil cooler and it seems there are as many for as against. So, having the oil temp gauge can't hurt and if it runs too cool I can remove the cooler, or block it off.

I hope that all in Blogger land have weather this weekend that allows for at least a short ride. I know I'm thankful that it is getting warmer here. Yes, even though the lows have stayed in the mid 40s, I'm still happy when it warms up because I am spoiled with our almost perfect winter weather.


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you and Louise! Yes, it was a crazy day, and I'm sorry we couldn't spend more time talking to you! We will definitely take you up on that drink soon, though. The bike should be up and running this weekend. The parts came in yesterday, and Big D was up all night working on the bike. I'm not sure if he got it running or not.

    I would love to meet Pongo! He is absolutely adorable! I bet he's going to make a great riding buddy!

  2. Sorry about the rain, we've been having our fair share here too. I can feel Louise's pain, I remember when I first was learning to ride and there was a couple of weeks that I couldn't get out and it was frustrating.
    That's so cool that you got to meet up with Ann and Big D. Dave and I are going to get out there someday to hang out with them.
    Pongo is super cute, I hope he enjoys the ride!

  3. Pongo is super cute! I love the little doggies! Take him for a car ride and roll down your window at 40 mph. If he sticks his head out, and keeps it there, then you'll know he's a biker dog.

  4. Cool pup. Mine would look very similar if he were a Black Lab instead of a Yellow. Good luck w/the sidecar. Aligning that thing seems on par with trying to thread a needle with a piece of licorice!

    Tell Louise if she was out my way she'd be waiting a lot longer than a week or two to ride. Maybe that'll cheer her up a bit.

  5. Mr. AHD: About the oil cooler. I hope the one you bought has a thermostat built into it. You want your oil to get hot enough to burn the moisture and other harmful things out of the oil. To do this you need an oil temp of at least 180F. Normal running temps of a Twin Cam are anywhere from 190F to 240F. Mine runs at 210F during the mid summer when running down the highway and I do not run a cooler. I have seen it as high as 230F a few times when I'm really pushing it on the highway. With the oil cooler you will see a drop of about 10% compared to without. I've considered installing one but just hate the looks of them. Look forward to see what kind of change you get with it.

    The pouch is a cute one. I hope he enjoys riding. Hope your lady friend gets to ride this weekend too. Doesn't look like I will get the chance here in Iowa this weekend. sigh