Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News to Report

The beginning of Spring Break is even sweeter with the arrival of my second grand daughter, Kennedy Quinn, born on the 15th. Her big sister, Keegan, thinks she is the best. Me? I'm biased, but she is pretty damn cute for a new born.

Being very random here and having nothing to do with anything I will add this. I like the patterns of numbers and my daughter Elizabeth's family has some interesting numbers in their birthdays. Kennedy 3/15, Seth 4/5, Keegan 5/5, Elizabeth 6/15. Unusual at the least and intriguing in my mind.

The sidecar is out being painted this week and is supposed to be ready to pick up on Saturday. I will need to bring it home and put the finishing touches on it prior to posting pictures. I found a body man on Craigs List who works out of his house, not far from me, and the work he does looks really good. Another aspect I liked was his level of excitement in getting to paint the Pig Pen.

The oil temperature gauge I installed a few weeks ago works great. Petunia has had a hard time getting up to that magic number of 180 degrees until yesterday. It was mid 80's and in stop and go traffic, after running on the freeway at 70 for 45 miles, it hit 230 for the first time. So, my thoughts on the oil cooler are now to install it, but to go have a black leather bra made to blank it off when not needed. Hitting 230 yesterday had to only be a warning about what is ahead here in the desert.

A six speed conversion is my latest idea for Petunia. I really love Petunia and contrary to Harley's trade up ideas, I'm not ready to get rid of her. But, the benefits of an overdrive, when tugging the hack, are sounding good. So, anyone have an opinion about six speeds? Baker DD6 or RevTech? The Baker DD6 is about three times the cost of a RevTech unit. Of course Baker claims they are the best and are used by some of the big custom builders. But, is all that hype worth the cash involved? I'm sold on the idea, but not on a product yet. I know the old saying you get what you pay for, but if I can save 66% and it works the same I think I would be happy.

Pongo the wonder dog is going to the vet for more puppy shots today. I'm going to give him his first bath in a bit and that should be fun. He tolerates riding in the sidecar pretty well. I don't think he is really sure about it yet, but I keep adding distance to the rides. Next week I will add in trips to the dog park instead of just a ride and then home. Doggles will be the next thing I introduce him to. Yea, that's going to be fun because he still doesn't like the harness I use on him when he is ridding in the sidecar.

Because it is Spring Break I am going on a ride tomorrow. I'll head up to Laughlin for at least one night. I'm not thrilled with leaving Pongo in the back yard, but for one day won't kill him. Pictures and a story should follow in a day or so.


  1. Your granddaughters are both beautiful! Congratulations!!!

    Can't wait to see the paint job on the side car!

    My friend has doggles for her chihuahua, and it took him a while to adjust to them, but now he's fine. I think we need a pic of Pongo in the side car with his doggles on!

    Have fun in Laughlin!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter!

  3. Congratulations Grandpa! How beautiful they both are! You can be biased, it's in the Grandpa's Book of Rules. :)

    My hubby really likes his Street Glide with the six speeds. It was his first time with it, and he said he's happy. Some complain of a whining noise when up in the sixth gear, but he never seems to notice that being a problem.

    Can't wait to see pics of the side car and I think seeing Pongo in doggles would be icing on the cake!

  4. Congrats on the new granddaughter! Sooooooooo precious! Great name too!!!

  5. Congrats on your families latest addition. She's a cutie, and I echo IHG, cool names. As far as the six speed goes, the magic numbers I know are 33102-03A (and $2,099). This is the HD number for the 6 speed gear set that will slide into any '00-'06 Softail bike or '01-later Touring bike.

    I have a six-speed stock in my 07 FLSTSC, and I do like it. If you do ride a lot and you don't mind spending the money, I think it's a worthwhile investment instead of getting rid of your bike.

  6. Congratulations! I can't wait to be a Grandpa, you lucky guy. So much spoiling, so little time.

  7. Congratulations grandpa! Spoil her rotten then send her home a brat.

    On the six speed I would go with the direct drive six from Baker. Several reasons for this. First it is more efficient then the overdrive six. The power loose with the overdrive would defeat the purpose of of fuel economy with the heavy bike you have with the side car and trailer. There are a lot of reasons the Baker unit is better but I will just say it is because of the gear design and the fact to achieve the desired lower RPM at cruise is they overdrive the primary. This is also why it cost more then the HD or any other unit. This all adds up to a more efficient use of the power of your bike. Baker's web site can explain all of this better then I can. Let me put it this way. Once I save up enough money the DD6 is what I'm putting in my bike.