Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Petunia Has Taken Ill

OK, I was riding yesterday and all of a sudden Petunia started making a strange whining sound. I pulled over to check it out and it is coming from the lower end of the motor. I checked the oil level and if anything it is a bit overfilled. I checked the oil cooler and it was warm, telling me the oil was circulating. The motor felt pretty hot, even though the temp gauge said 200, so I went to get something to eat and let her cool down.

After eating I checked some more and decided my options were to ride the six miles home or call a tow truck, but they would only take her to the Dealer. I rode home at 35 mph and except for the noise she seemed to run normal. By that I mean there didn't seem to be any power loss, the oil gauge showed 32 pounds of pressure, and the temp gauge showed 210 degrees. An hour after getting home I went back into the garage and the motor was still really hot to the touch.

I made this quick video to show the noise.

I will have to take her in to see what is wrong. One thing I know is it sure sounds expensive.


  1. Oh, damn!!! That doesn't sound cheap! However, when our bike breaks, I always think it sounds expensive, but it's usually not. Just a loose nut. :)

    Hope she's feeling better soon! I hope Rascal and I didn't break it!

  2. It’s hard to say with a video, but it sounds like the starter is staying engaged. Pull the plugs and crank it. See what happens.

  3. I'm the wrong one to ask on this. I'd say leave it to the pro before it gets worse or damages other components by running like that.

    Hope it's not too expensive.

    Good luck.

  4. Yikes, that sounds pretty un-good. But ya know, based on nothing but my own ignorance and this keyboard I'm typing on, it doesn't sound fatal. Here's hoping it's something relatively minor, like the starter. But I agree with Joker -- don't run it any more before getting it in the shop.

  5. Even with headphones I can't catch what it is.
    It's still warranteed?
    get it to the dealer.
    starter engaged?
    sounnds like a good bet
    place your hand on the starter when its running..cold
    you should be able to feel it if its still engaged.

  6. Oh No, I hope Petunia feels better soon!

  7. Thanks everyone. I will know a lot more tomorrow.

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