Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preliminary Report

The preliminary report is in and while not good, is better than I first thought. First off I have been carrying a card for a Harley shop that comes highly recommended by three of my friends, but because I have a maintenance agreement with the dealer I haven't used him. For this I decided to give a call. To my wonder he just moved his shop and is now located less than a half mile from my house. That explains all the bike noises I hear.

I rushed home from school, took off the sidecar, started Petunia, and the noise was almost gone. What the hell!!! I rode over to ACME Cycle anyway to see John. As soon as I rode up he walked out and told me to shut it off. He said it sounded like a cam chain tensioner issue. Then proceeded to explain the issues with the cam chain guides, what the consequences could be, showed me several examples from mileages as low as 6,000 to 12,000, and said he wouldn't ride it at all.

I asked what the process would be to have Petunia fixed and he told me about S&S gear drive cams. But, he also said that some exploratory surgery was needed. So, I will know more tomorrow.


  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about S&S gear drives. They say it has a mild whine, but you get used to it pretty quick and don’t notice it. If that’s all it is you got off easy, this time.

  2. Good luck. I hope this does not cost you an arm and a nut!

  3. If this is the case it is the perfect time to add a small performance camshaft. Couple this with your new tranny and you are all set. Nice power from the engine, and an efficient transmission to get it to the ground. You will love the S&S gear drive conversion. I had a bit of gear whine when I first installed it but the gears have worn in and I don’t hear any at all anymore. The bonus is it cost no more to upgrade to the hot rod cams at this point.