Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Review

I dropped the Pig Pen off to be painted last Saturday, 3/14, and I was supposed to pick it this Saturday 3/21. But, it wasn't ready. The new date is Wednesday, 3/25.

It is hard to argue with the reason for the delay. The radius's couldn't be made with the 1/2" tape. Jim tried to make it work, but he wasn't satisfied with how it looked and wasn't willing to cut corners. I was invited to stop by and look at the progress Saturday. This picture is the tub with the base coat applied, a clear coat wet sanded, and after the tape had been applied and removed. The picture isn't a realistic representation of how it looked because the color is an exact match to Petunia.

The new plan is to tape off the 1/2" light gray stripe, paint it, and use 1/8" gold trim tape on each side of the gray. Along with the new decision we came up with a new design for the front of the tub that will make it a lot more visually pleasing. After painting the gray and striping the gold he will apply two clear coats before it is finished.

If you are like me you are wondering what the hell kind of paint job is that! But, Jim wet a section of the tub and explained that when the clear coat is applied the color will shine through. I defer to Jim's knowledge about painting and wait with bated breath to pick it up Wednesday.

Sunday I installed the Harley oil cooler that I purchased on Ebay. It really was a simple installation except for a couple of minor items. I had to stop to go to Checker Auto to get some blue Lock Tight. That stuff is like gold at $6.50 for .20 fl oz. But if you need it and don't have it what are you going to do? Next I had to make a run to Harbor Freight to purchase a set of long t-handle allen wrenches. Tightening up the 5 allen screws just wasn't possible with the allen set I had.

When all was said and done I had to run to the Harley dealer to get oil and check the system out. Syn3 oil is now $11.35 a quart at my local stealer. During my ride in 81 degree, windy conditions the oil temperature just barely reached 180 degrees. I will keep an eye on how the temperature runs and am looking for a place to get a leather bra to blank the oil cooler off.

The transmission debate has been settled. I found a Baker DD6 for $2800, a Revtech for $998, a Harley factory six speed for $2,099, (thanks Joker) and another Baker DD6 on Ebay for $1999. I split the difference and went with the Baker DD6 from Ebay. I searched many sites and the prevailing thoughts, including Big D and Fasthair, were to go with the Baker DD6. I could have saved an additional 33% by going Revtech, and did save 33% by searching for the best price on a Baker gear. So, by all accounts Baker is the BEST six speed gearing for my application. I am willing to spend a little extra to get the best gears possible. I am hoping that Big D will be able to help out with the installation when the gears arrive.

So ends my Sunday evening and Spring Break 09. Back to school tomorrow and wait a week for Arizona Bike Week. I will miss out on most of that because it is the same week as our State AIMS Testing. But, the good news is in three weeks I will be spending a week in Washingto, DC at a math conference.

Have a great week everybody!


  1. I am sure that Big D would be happy to help out with the installation.

    Can't wait to see the sidecar when she's done. :)

  2. Good choice on the DD6, I think you will be happy with it. You can feel good too knowing it is made right here in the USA unlike one of the other units on your short list. You get what you pay for.

    Yah those painter guys :)


  3. I've seen Big D in action - I'm sure he'll be able to help you.

    If he recommended the Baker, and I saw that Fasthair did too, it must be the way to go. Someone had recommended the HD 6er to me when I was shopping for my Springer, because I said I wanted the '07 and the factory 6 speed. That's how I got the part number and price - it was a friend's solution to allow me to consider an '06 or older bike if I liked it.

    Can't wait to see how it all comes out.

  4. Busy life, eh? Our spring break just started but who has time to take a vacation?

    Good news, bad news, on the paint job. I admire a craftsman who won't let anything they're not happy with go out of the shop.

    You gonna show us the finished product?