Friday, April 17, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

I posted last weekend about the Pig Pen needing new brake pads and not finding them in the USA. Well at 4:15 Monday morning I found a place in Golden, Colorado that is the regional distributor for Brembo Brakes. I gave them a call at 8:50 while my students were out at PE. I explained to the nice lady who answered the phone what I was looking for and she transferred me to Donny Erickson, the Product Sales Manager for T.A.W. Vehicle Concepts, Inc.

I gave Donnie the numbers off of the pads I took off Sunday and he told me they wouldn't help. He asked what kind of sidecar I had and when I told him it was a Champion he said, "Great, we supply them with their brakes." What are the chances of that? He then looked up the part numbers that they use, cross referenced to the brake pads, and said they had plenty in stock.

The next question was if I wanted standard pads or metallic ones. After a discussion of the virtues of each type of pad, I chose to go with the metallic pads. My reasoning was the stopping power and lack of fade with metallic pads. Donnie cautioned that many don't like metallic because of noise when the brakes are applied. But, when Petunia comes home she will have a new set of Bassani Fishtails on her and if I can hear the brakes I will have a real problem.

While on the phone I questioned if they made the same pads for Petunia as well and was told they did. Since I was ordering two sets for the Pig Pen I also added a complete set for Petunia. Donnie gave me my total, I gave him my credit card number, then he told me he didn't know the exact amount of shipping, but it would be less than ten dollars. The order was complete and he said it will be shipped that same day.

Ordered on Monday morning and the new pads were sitting at my front door when I got home from school Wednesday. That was quick service and shipping was less than three dollars. I opened up the box and they were the exact pads I needed. That is the kind of service that I appreciate and I would recommend T.A.W. for your brake needs.

Next I loaded up the new tire and the rim and went off to have the wide white wall installed. Forty minutes later I was back at home putting it all back together. All that is left is to get Petunia back and put a few hundred miles on her to break in the new cam gears and Baker 6 speed before reattaching the Pig Pen.

This weekend will be boring, next weekend will be spent in Washington, DC, and after that weekends should be spent riding again. I can hardly wait.

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