Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting Cranky

Today is the thirteenth day since Petunia spit up her cam tensioner shoes. I found out Friday that the parts won't be here until at least this Friday. John won't start working on her until Monday the 20th. I leave for Washington, DC on Tuesday the 22nd.

That means I won't get her back until Monday the 27th. A whole four weeks of no riding. Four weeks, NO riding, with no snow to shovel, no cold to endure. Four weeks of great spring weather, not counting the rain yesterday, and NO riding.



  1. I know exactly how you feel, but this too shall pass.....

    The first winter after I discovered riding, we got record amounts of snow from DEC-JAN....I did not ride for 38 days....things were "tense".

    in case you're curious

  2. Charlie6, that is a great story. It did look really cold.

  3. Since I was willing to fly to AZ so I could ride rather than wait another month for the weather to cooperate, you know how I feel about being grounded for too long. I'm really sorry to hear about the delay. At least for me, the times I can't ride are not the bike's fault. Also, until I sell my Sporty, I have a back-up if one bike is down. I wish I could afford to keep them both, but I can't, so it's a temporary luxury.

    I hope you can get back out soon.

  4. May Petunia be up and running very soon. It really stinks when you want to do something but you can't. I feel your crankiness!!!

  5. It's at times like these that I use my "hundred years from now" philosophy. And I still get cranky!

  6. Like Charlie6 said, patience, this too shall pass. Maybe there is a bigger plan going on.

    Ride on,

  7. Mr. AHD: Just consider yourself lucky you don't live in Iowa or any other place that it snows :)