Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joker's April Fools Joke

Joker fessed up in his comment section, so I can now post this.

Joker I never was a cop, but I have watched CSI.

The following was written this morning.

I am starting this post at 9:00 AM, Mountain Standard Time, April 1, 2009. It is my belief, and I already sent a second comment to Joker that he hasn't posted yet today, that he got all of us good with his April Fools Joke.

After biting and sending in my first comment, I started thinking about it driving to school. Lady R posted a great suck you in story this morning and than confessed it was an April Fools Joke at the end of it. Joker doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to give up his joke that easy. So, I just had to start looking into it.

In January Joker posted pictures of his Springer at the shop after the long winters modifications (see left picture). Today he posted pictures of this outstanding Springer with an incredible sidecar attached (see right picture).

In our daily comic section there is one called Hocus Pocus and I used that to help me out here. Do you see what I see? Differences that I noticed include different grips, front brake line has a different angle on the hack, front fork reflector is missing, the heal/toe shift linkage has both a different angle and toe, the tank pouch is missing, passenger pegs on the hack are stock, the clutch covers are different, and the seats aren’t the same. But the biggest difference is the fishtail mufflers. In January they curve top to bottom and today they were reversed. Oh yes, and today’s picture was taken in front of a white house with a concrete driveway. I believe that Joker’s house is gray, with a red colored door, and an asphalt drive.

I’m going to hold this post for a day or two to give Joker a chance to confess. If he does I will post this just as it is written and if he doesn’t I’m going public with my conspiracy theory on Friday morning.

Brother, you got me either way!!!


  1. I knew it was BS as soon as I saw it! And I believe I was the first to call him on it, too! :)

  2. Ann, oh ye of little faith! Yup, she was the 1st one to call me on it. Of course, I held back on publishing her comment so I could suck some more folks in!

    But, 2nd place on the bullshit detector does go to you AHD! It's amazing how many people don't look closely at things, and I was capitalizing on that. Of course, that doesn't count with Ann, because she knows me. No matter what I put up on my blog on April 1, Ann's gonna tell me to go shit in my fist.

    Excellent job of noticing the differences here. Did you also notice the front directionals are mounted on the fork and not the bars - and that they have smoked lenses instead of amber? There were some other great pics of that bike I couldn't put up because there was so much greenery in the background, it was obviously NOT April 1st in New England. More like June in Cali!

    Great job figuring it out though, but it was still after you bit!

  3. It was a great spoof. He had me fooled at first! I didn't even think of April Fools at first.

  4. I love CSI! Great eye! I should have known he was full of mischief right from the start.