Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Does She Run?

With almost 1000 mile on her, it is time to evaluate Petunia's updated form. In her new configuration she has a set of S&S 510 gear driven cams, a Baker Direct Drive 6 Speed gear box, and Bassani fishtail mufflers.

Starting with the Baker 6 speed. The shift points are very close together and have a positive, solid, smooth feel when shifting through the gears either slowly, or when jumping on her. With the old 5 speed, I was always thinking I needed to shift again. That feeling has totally disappeared now. When rolling at 70 mph in sixth gear there is plenty of power to accelerate up to 80-85 to pull out and pass a cage that is getting in the way. On down shifting it seems like I am not going slow enough to enter the lower gear. It might just be getting used to the new gearing, but I am really loading her down when I down shift. This unit saves about 650 rpm at 70 mph. In fifth I used to turn 3050 rpm to run 70. Now the tach reads 2400 at 70. On the flat highway, with the cruise set at 70 I rode 80 miles before the gas gauge ever moved. I reached 170 miles before I stopped for gas and the low fuel light hadn't come on yet. Overall I would rate the Baker unit a 10 and am sorry I waited so long to have it put in.

The Bassani fishtails really dress Petunia up and the old school look is exactly what I had hoped for. These mufflers were extremely loud at first, but as they are burning in seem to be getting quieter. One thing I noticed is the left pipe has little to no exhaust exiting the muffler and the right side of Petunia is really hot. So, I have ordered the Bassani True Dual head pipes to finish the job right. Looks alone give these mufflers a 10.

The S&S gear drive cams really add the power to the motor. Some of the gain is from the mufflers, but Petunia has never pulled from a standing stop or jumped hitting second and third like she does now. Acceleration is quick and smooth throughout the entire range I've put her through and I haven't been gentle because if it is going to break I want it to be in the warranty period. In my reading the only complaint I've run across was a whining sound, but I don't hear any thing like that. On max acceleration she just winds up and sings a happy song. S&S cams are a 10.

I am very happy with the results of Petunia's update. I am holding off on reinstalling the pig pen until after installing the head pipes and then I will have to decide if I'm going to put the wide white walls on Petunia then or in a couple of thousand miles. I installed the one for the pig pen and it looks great and will infulence my decision.

Now, I think I need to go for a few miles just to get out of the house.


  1. sounds fantastic. i keep hearing very good reviews on the Baker 6 speed. mmmmm fishtails :) ...

  2. I did the S&S 560 geardrives..they don't do much until you hit about 3400rpm..then hang on Barney cuase it's cutting loose..Sounds like a good build..and the Baker maybe my next investment..

  3. Excellent...I can't wait to see her all done up!