Sunday, May 10, 2009

She Is Baaaaaaaaaack

Petunia is back. I picked her up Tuesday before last and only rode her for 30 or so miles and had to park her to make the trip with my dad. I got home last Monday morning at 4:00 AM, took a short nap, and was out the door to ride. I took the back roads out to Lake Pleasant where I could open her up and kick it into sixth gear. It was here that I realized I really did need to install the Speed Recalibration Unit I had purchased. The clock was about 14 miles an hour too slow and the feel was just wrong.

I headed back to the house, but wasn't in a hurry and took the long way to get there. Getting home I let Petunia cool off for about an hour and then pulled out the battery to access the triangular connector that is between the speedometer and the transmission speed sensor. Two possible ways were listed to adjust the speed: follow a car or use mileage markers. Grabbing my watch with the second hand, so as not to have to wait for someone to get off of work, it was back out to Lake Pleasant to set the speed. On my way there I noticed, this time, the City of Peoria was nice enough to have a This Is Your Speed zone set up in an area where they just completed some serious road construction. I filed that away for the return trip. From Lake Pleasant Boulevard and Carefree Highway to the US 60 interchange is 26 miles, more than enough road to set the speedometer. Unless it is a perfect day and all the snowbirds are out looking at the desert. I finally shook loose of them, figured out the proper up and down on the Dakota Digital unit, and got it set. I rode to US 60, turned around and clocked 10 miles on the return trip at 60 MPH and it took 10 minutes 4 seconds according to my watch. I set my cruise at 52 as I approached the Peoria Speed Zone and it flashed Your Speed Is 52. So, I'll accept that my watch was right.

The only visible signs of her surgery is the Baker chrome cam support plate on the left and the Bassani fishtails on the right.

While the pictures above show the only visible proof that Petunia had some work done, the real proof is here;

I will post a review of the performance later. Right now I am going for a ride!

Before I forget, like last year, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. I hope your day is special.


  1. Glad you got Petunia back. It is a great ride out by Lake Pleasant. Enjoy your day. :)

  2. fishtails are looking good, but I'm a sucker for tailfins, 5-57 Chevys, and such :)


  3. Glad to see you up and running.
    You should test it on the 'poker run next weekend.

  4. Ann: Thanks. I always go Lake Pleasant way when traveling north on the Prescott/Flagstaff side of Arizona. Best way out of the Valley.

    Allen: The fishtails are exactly for the old school look. Just something about them that I like.

    Big D: Thanks and I'll be contacting you to find out about that Poker Run.

  5. Always nice to have the scoot back. Yep I'm sort of partial to the fishtails myself :)

  6. i love the fishtails too :) looking good!!!

  7. Aah, the reunion. Glad you are back up and running!