Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Didn't Sneak Up This Year

Monday, April 18 and it is the thirteenth consecutive day of 100 degrees or more in the Phoenix area. In fact it is already the fourteenth day to reach 100 degrees of more this year. Last year April 18 was the first day to reach 100 and this year the official high was 107, a new record high for this date. It appears we are in for a long, hot summer.

Riding in this type of heat can be stifling. How to cope with it, without parking your bike, isn't really all that hard.

This is a Kafka Cool Tie.

This is a Kafka Cool tie after it has been hydrated.

I have been using these cool ties for at least the last eleven years and can attest to their value in the heat of the summer. I have used them while riding as well as working outside. Steve Kafka, who I met years ago when he pin striped a Goldwing I owned, developed the Cool Tie. Inside the tie are little crystals that absorb water, swell up, and act as an evaporative cooler to keep your neck and head cool. Here is a link for the original Kafka Cool Tie. I needed a cool tie one day and purchased a couple of them at a sporting goods store, but they weren't Kafka Cool Ties and they didn't work as well as the original.

The only interest I have in this product is as a very satisfied customer that continues to ride my bike as comfortably as possible in the heat of an Arizona summer. If heat is an issue where you ride, or will be riding, order yourself two Cool Ties. I always have two because on the really hot days it evaporates in three hours or so and I have one in a bag of water getting ready to replace the one I'm wearing.

I hope this review is helpful to everyone who rides or finds themselves outside during the summer months.


  1. Very cool, no pun intended. Thanks for the tip. I'm planning on riding a lot this summer and hoping to make it to some pretty warm places so I'm going to find me a Kafka Cool Tie.

  2. hmmm, i wondered about those. thank you!!!

  3. Nifty! I might have to get one or two of those...

    How are they when you're walking around all geared up? Eg. do they cool you when you're just standing there/sitting at a red light?

  4. Thanks for the great tip. We suffer from 90 to 100 during the best part of the summer, so this sounds really refreshing!

    I'll be gettin' me a couple. Thanks again.

  5. Cool! Will hafta check it out.
    Weather here was 85 today, and going to be 897 tomorrow. has been much cooler as of late, and going to cool down again in the next couple of days back into high 60's. Mother Nature can't figure out what the Hell she's doing here yet. No consistency whatsoever.

  6. BB: Good pun, get one or two, and have fun riding

    mq01: You're welcome

    Lucky: Stop lights are a great place to turn the cool tie a half of turn to place the coolest part of it next to your neck. You will feel the cooling effect while stopped.

    Lady R: The humidity you have might affect it some, but I'm guessing it will still be effective.

    Mr. M: Mother Nature is having fun playing games this year. We had a big storm on Sunday evening like one of our monsoon storms. Trouble is those usually come around in August. It is only supposed to be 95 today with thunder storms and 90 tomowwow with the same. So, we will experience some of that humidity that you are familiar with.

  7. I'm gonna pick up a few myself. Extreme heat usually is not an issue for us here in Boston, but we do get a handful of scorchers most summers. Even if I barely use it around here in the summer, I know they'll come in handy going back and forth to Sturgis in August. Great tip, thanks.

  8. Those are cool! Ha...pun intended! :)

    I'm going to check them out. I'm also going to get some cleavage coolers this year, too. I'll have to post about them.

  9. Joker: There is always a ride where they will come in handy.

    Ann: By definition cleavage is cool. So, that thing you mention must be some type of magnification devise. I'm thinking you might not really be in need of that girl.

  10. I haven't heard of this product before. Thanks for the info!