Monday, June 29, 2009

Half A Million Mile Monday

It is Million Mile Monday and I have logged in my small contribution of 112 miles. My addition at the time upped the total to 1,274,922 for the day.

I logged in at 5:31 MST and would have to say that I am surprised at the low total. I was also surprised that if I had ridden with a passenger that the mileage total would have counted double. Yes, a passenger would have been on Petunia for those miles, but the number of miles ridden wouldn't have doubled. At that rate wouldn't it be Half A Million Mile Monday? Next time I have a passenger I'll have to see if my odometer changes by two each mile.

I'm sorry, but that creative math on this endeavor just doesn't feel right to me.


  1. wow. agree to all. i just logged my 60 miles (i wish more, but its month end-im workin'). anyway, what is up with passenger miles counting separately. that doesnt seem right. and its interesting that by noon this time last year we had exceeded 3M miles and they shut the counter down since it kept crashing their site. this year it doesnt seem to compare. hmmm...

  2. Yeah, that math doesn't exactly work out, does it? WTF?

    Now if I was doing the calculations, it would look something like this: p = 2w*2L. Math is KILLING me!!!!

  3. I checked the site this morning... hasn't even reached 3 million yet.

    Something tells me that last year's tally was a F-up!

  4. Passengers are permitted to accumulate miles in the HOG Mileage program too. The idea is that if you are a HOG member, then your riding counts whether you are in the front seat or the back.

    I agree that I am shocked at the low total this year. I've been watching all morning and it has just clicked past 3.5 million. With only 2 hours left to log in your miles, I doubt we'll get much past the 4 million mark. I personally did 25 miles less than last year, but it was still over 300! Our chapter ride collectively put in nearly 8000 miles yesterday.

    People were out. People were riding. Did they forget to go online and input their mileage? Really, there are over a million HOG members...we only have to average 5 miles a piece in order to make this goal. It should be a piece of cake!

    And Ann...that would be P = 2w + 2L (not times)

  5. Wow...I contributed...errr...hmmmm...2 miles.

    I was busy. I put my miles in this month already...doesn't that count? lol.

    You want someone to work that math out for you? Just ask BigD.

    It makes perfect sense to me. Forget about the miles put on the have to look at how many miles is put on each ass that is on the bike. It's actually ass mileage