Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday Night, Williams Style

One of the great things about Williams is the close proximity of everything in town. Our motel was on the west end and the first bar was on the east end. To prevent drinking and riding, even with Big D making fast friends with the Police Chief, we just walked. Linda and I discussed stopping to eat or going to the Wild West Junction. In my infinite wisdom I chose to stop and eat. Well when we got there the drawing was over. Ann and BB had each won rides in a horse drawn carriage, Dave had won a Harley barbecue, and I had won a .........screeeeeeeeeeeech, nothing because you had to be present to win! They claim, and I can't prove it one way or the other, that my name was called, but because I wasn't there yet MY Harley barbecue went home with someone else. But come on guys....with Big D and Willie D sitting there who would have known they weren't me? Just asking Brothers. Hey, it was all good in Williams.

But come on none of you are here to read about poor little old me missing out on getting something extra to transport home, so lets get to why you are really here. Disclaimer, Dave isn't the only one who left a camera out in the rain. Dave is the one who remembered his camera before the rain slowed down, unlike me who remembered when it was almost finished raining.

Small town Arizona on a Saturday evening and what are bikers supposed to do? Why sample the flavor of the local watering hole of course. The seven of us did our part to become part of the solution and stimulate the economy of Williams. So, on with the show.

There was mayhem on the hoof. That cowgirl looked cool in the saddle, while that cowboy was hanging on for dear life.

There was dancing by the lovely ladies on the Rumble of Route 66.

There was coed dancing. Honestly the only time Dave didn't smile the whole time is when a camera was involved.

There was innocent picture taking for documentation purposes only and picture taking for when Big D was overcome with the beauty sitting next to him. I'm not sure what that brown thing is, there were no brown people with us.

A fun time was had by all. But in true old guy fashion I lasted until midnight and like Cinderella I had to call it a night at the stroke of 12 as I couldn't hang with the kids. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the group who cried Uncle. Hugs and good-bys and I was off to slumber land with great memories of the 09 version of the Rumble on Route 66.

Any more incriminating photos will have to come from the other participants of the Rumble and I'm thinking there might be a few floating around. An assortment of other pictures follow.

While reading the blogs of fellow riders is interesting, meeting the people behind the words makes their stories even more enjoyable. It has been expressed already that friendships were made this weekend and I am honored to have met BB, Dave, and Willie D for the first time and had the opportunity to spend some quality party time with Ann and Big D. So, come on out to Arizona, Bloggers, and see some of the sights this state has to offer. I have an extra room and bed that isn't being used and would be happy to put you up for a while and ride some great roads with you.


  1. You said, "While reading the blogs of fellow riders is interesting, meeting the people behind the words makes their stories even more enjoyable."

    I am looking forward to the day that I meet some fellow bloggers. Glad you all had fun together!

  2. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! great post, great pics, great times it seems. yup, just like the blogs read, you can tell it was a get together of fantastic people. WOOHOO!!! very cool...

  3. You know what that look is AZHD? That's a white guy trying to dance without making the stupid white guy facial expressions! White guys make some of the most ridiculous faces while they dance. I was making the smiley face in order to avoid making the scrunchy, "I'm the f'in man who thinks he can dance" face.

    Thanks for the drink bro. I can't tell if my face is toasted from the sun or toasted from the toast.

    Cheers mate! We just might have to take you up on that offer sooner than you think.

  4. I was still out front watching the gunfight. So I’m taking someone’s word that your name was called. Besides, do you really think that any of us can think that fast?

  5. Don't worry Cinderella, if I hadn't taken a nap in the afternoon there is no way I would've been able to hang.
    We will definately be coming back to Arizona, but next time we will plan more time!

  6. This is certainly a lot of fun reading about your weekend of fun from all these different perspectives. I really, really hope we can ALL meet each other sometime, hopefully at the first annual Blogger BikeFest to be held... ? Hmmmmm.

    I hate you missed out on your BBQ prize, but hey, when there's bikers and beer, what did you expect? LOL!

    It sounds like ya'll are having such a great weekend! Thanks for letting us in on the fun and sharing it all with us. I know there's more... what's up next?

  7. Thanks for not giving away my big story! ;) your voicemail. We got it, but I was taking a nap. LOL! Were out very late last night and have a toy run today at 9:00 a.m. at Arrowhead. Head up there if you want!

    See you soon!