Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Sir, Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?"

The new Bassani Power Curve True Duals finally got here. I had an issue installing them because the pieces didn't fit together. After sleeping on it, I swedged them out with a screwdriver and hammer and magic...they just fell together. Out for a test ride and I had no power at all past 40 mph. Time to test the Techlusion ease of tuning a bike. With a small screwdriver in hand I adjusted and set out again. Power to about 65 now. Stop once more to adjust. Set out and WHOA BABY,this little hog will run. Hit the power band and hold on brother.

On the way home, on city streets, I was still playing with her new found zip. That is when I see the bubble gums in the rear view. Look down to see 65. I'm in a 40. Damn it!!

Cop, "What's the hurry?"

Me, "I going home."

Cop, "That's not an excuse."

Me, "OH, an excuse. I'm a dumb sh*t."

Cop, "Know how fast you were going?"

Make a quick decision, lie or tell the truth. "65" What the hell did I say that for?

Cop, "Know the speed limit on 67th Avenue?"

Me, "45?" I lied, I know it's 40.

Cop, "NO, it's 40 and I let you pass two signs thinking you would slow down. Registration and insurance, please. What color is that? Blue?"

So then, waiting for the Wants and Warrants, small talk involving his new VTX 1300 Cop Bike.Yep, caught by a Biker Cop. During this conversation he pulls out the radar gun and I hear beep, beep, beep. He says, "Look at this," and shines his light on the radar gun display. It reads 54 MPH.

No wants. No Warrants. Only 14 over. I'm going to traffic school a week from Saturday. Did I learn anything? Yea, Petunia can flat out run now. I need to put the pig pen back on her to slow her down because all that throttle is really fun.


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  2. LOL, at least you had fun getting the ticket, right?


  3. Mr. AHD: OH, an excuse. I'm a dumb sh*t. That made me laugh :) as Allen said at least you had fun getting the ticket. Nice to here that all of your money spent is giving you the results that were intended. And no I'm not laughing at you but rather with you. That would be bad karma.


  4. 65 mph on 67th Avenue???!!! I'm surprised you didn't go to jail!

    Glad you don't have to take your class on the Williams weekend! :)

  5. :( bummer 'bout the tix.
    :) woohoo you got it tuned!!!

  6. I'm laughing because it always seems that on any bike I have owned it's always the addition of a little somethin' somethin' that puts me in the right place at the wrong time to get a ticket.

    I want a law that states; "When operating a motor vehicle with newly installed engine components the driver shall be immune from minor traffic violations for a period of 24 hours from the time of installation."

    Can you take the traffic school online? It took me two hours and presto...I was done with a printed completion certificate.

  7. I wish I could take over and impose my will to do away with "speeding" tickets. In my experience, there are too many people out there going too slow!! I say it's time they re-evaluated things and started giving out tickets for these road-hogs who drive like they're the only ones on the road and have the rest of their lives to get where they're going. Make way for those of us who have a life to attend to and are still breathing!