Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

My postings have been sporadic at best. My riding has been almost non-existent. But, hopefully most of that will change as I dig myself out of the funk that is my life.

My epic 55 day summer trip has gone by the way side. The best laid plans, as they say. It will be replaced with a ride here and there between obligations for school. Yes, that’s right SCHOOL. School in the summer? Damn, I’m supposed to be on vacation riding into splendid scenery and visiting charming locals never before experienced by the Arizona Harley Dude. I have a map that was supposed to be colored this summer. Not just colored, but colored in completely. Why teach if you have to spend summers doing school work is what I’m wondering as I look at the calendar and see that I had planned to be in Atlanta, Georgia today. Hot, humid Atlanta, but instead I’m stuck here in pleasant Phoenix wondering where this global warming is taking us when Phoenix is only in the mid 90’s in the middle of June.

Summer school work includes Bully training yesterday and today. Our school district is implementing a program to protect kids from other kids and adults that pick on them. The first day of training was an eye opening experience. The ending video was one that went from sad, to hopeful, to devastation in a matter of seconds. Our work in this area will become a priority for me next year. Next up is two weeks of additional classroom time as I work on an endorsement to my teaching certificate. Two weeks as in from 9 – 5 over in Chandler, across town in rush hour traffic both ways, but at least that will all be motorcycle time. Finally there will be a two day Retreat sponsored by our new principal. As the e-mail stated…..not mandatory, BUT….. So, I will go, play nice, and figure it can’t be as bad as I think it will be.

I finally reattached the pig pen to Petunia earlier this week and was that a mistake. It rode better than it did before because I took every connection apart and started from zero and took six hours checking and rechecking. In town it ran great, but on the freeway it wouldn’t get out of its own way. As in not going over 55 MPH. I played with the Techlusion unit and couldn’t get it to run. Frustration led me to take the pig pen off again, but Petunia now wouldn’t run over 60 MPH alone. After sleeping on it I thought I figured out the problem, reset everything on the Techlusion control box and she began to run again. Three stops to readjust and recheck and I found the place I was happy and will leave it alone for now.

So, now it is almost time to ride. The Rumble on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona is this weekend and I am going on Petunia without the pig pen. Fellow Bloggers Ann and Big D, BB and FLHX Dave, and Willie D are all scheduled to be there. Three days of fun, riding, and craziness await up in the Arizona high country where the temperatures range from the mid 40s to the low 80s. The weather guessers say a 30% chance of rain, but the biker guessers say 100% chance of a great time. I’m guessing there might be a story or two that comes from the weekend. I just love summers away from school.


  1. Well I hope you have a blast. Enjoy the fellow blogs. May be the pig pen will happen when you get back.

  2. Can't wait to see you this weekend! When I first started reading your post I was afraid you were going to say you weren't going to make it! Sorry about your other trip though.

  3. Sorry the big ride is cancelled. Hopefully you'll get out enough to scratch the itch.

  4. sorry you're not in GA on your big roadtrip. but im sure you will find a way to do that sooner than later :) have a great time at the Rumble, that sounds like a blast. and it is SOOOOO cool that fellow bloggers are getting together there. i cant wait to hear about it. have a great time!!!